Residence permit in Poland when buying real estate.
Studying the ways of immigration to Europe, many foreigners are wondering whether a residence permit is issued in Poland when buying real estate? Unfortunately, there are no such benefits for homeowners, such as in Greece or Spain. Obtaining a residence permit in Poland is easier for Russians when opening their company. At the same time, they can buy real estate for a legal entity, which will be regarded as a contribution to the economy of the country.
Business immigration to Poland can be quite an interesting way of obtaining residence permits, as there are tax incentives here, and to open your own company requires a registered capital of only 1000 euros. The total cost of creating a business in this EU country is about 3 thousand euros. At the same time, it is worth noting that many foreigners (mainly from Belarus and Ukraine) come to Poland for work, as there is a shortage of labor here.
As mentioned above, you can not apply for a residence permit in Poland when buying a property. In order to qualify for a residence permit, and a few years and for permanent residence, you need other reasons. In addition to starting your own business, you can go to a local university or get a job in a Polish company. However, after five years of continuous work in a local firm, a foreigner can expect to obtain citizenship.
If, despite the fact that the residence permit in Poland when buying real estate is not issued, you still decided to buy housing in this country of the European Union, it is worth familiar with the national market in advance. Recall that this country has access to the sea, which means that you can always buy a house or an apartment on the coast for recreation. In addition, after finding a job and obtaining a residence permit in Poland, when buying real estate you can choose the city where you are going to work. Housing prices in the country are quite affordable, for buying apartments by non-residents here are loyal. Also it can be noted that Poland is a sufficiently developed country, with good infrastructure, rich historical traditions and delicious cuisine, so that it will be comfortable to live and rest here.