Residence permit in Greece.
Buying a property in the amount of 250,000 euros; Getting a residence permit in Greece takes 1 month; Issued to the owner of the property and all members of his family; There is no requirement for permanent residence in Greece; State guarantees for obtaining residence permit; Reliable medicine for your loved ones; The possibility of European education for your children; Free entry and movement through the territory of any Schengen country;
The rules for obtaining a residence permit for property owners in Greece:
a) The owner must have full and absolute ownership of a property worth � 250,000 or more.
b) If the property is jointly owned by a � 250.000 property, the residence permit is given only if the second owner is a spouse with an undivided ownership of the property. In all other cases of joint ownership of real estate, residence permit is issued only on the condition that each of the owners has invested in the property an amount not less than � 250.000.
The validity of the residence permit for property owners:
The residence permit is permanent and valid throughout the life of the owner with an extension every five (5) years, provided that the property remains in the full ownership of the applicant.
* If the client decides to buy / change the real estate object, MIBS GROUP organizes full support.
The procedure for obtaining a residence permit for real estate owners in three steps:
Step 1: Obtaining a visa to enter Greece.
MIBS GROUP provides full visa support to the client.
Step 2: Documents for obtaining a residence permit.
Application form in duplicate, Three recently made color photographs, Certified copy of the valid passport with valid entry visa, Copy of the contract of sale of real estate worth not less than 250.000 Euros and title of property registered in the Land Cadastre, Medical insurance covering hospitalization and medical care purchased in a Greek or international insurance company, Certificate of family composition from authorized bodies, confirming the existence of family ties.
Step 3: Submit documents.
MIBS GROUP provides full support to the client and his family in filing the necessary documents.
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