Residence permit in Germany.
Being one of the most highly developed European countries, Germany continues to attract investors for the opening and development of its own business. Having registered your own company in Germany, you get the opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit for you and your family, and then, if desired, transform it into a permanent residence permit.
Temporary residence permit in Germany (Aufenthaltserlaubnis)
Temporary residence permit in Germany & ndash; it is a title conferring a non-resident the right to stay in Germany for a certain period of time.
The temporary residence permit in Germany grants its holder the right to live in the territory strictly regulated by the legislation and to carry out labor activity if this permission is granted in accordance with the status of residence.
Our company helps to issue a residence permit in Germany under the program “Business Immigration”; . This program implies the organization of self-employment in Germany.
Advantages of business immigration:
No knowledge of the German language is required, including for the spouse. Higher education and work experience is not required. Shortened period for applying for permanent residence is 3 years. Simultaneous transfer of family members. Self-determination of the amount of labor payment.
Requirements for the business immigration program:
Investment investments, the size is determined independently. Registration or acquisition of a legal entity. Carrying out work in your company. Staying in Germany for at least 6 months a year.
We offer a unique service – a complete package of services from & laquo; single-handed & raquo; . Usually, lawyers do not write business plans themselves, but give them to other companies, so in negotiations with the department they do not always know what is written in the client’s business plan and can not answer questions. Economists or tax advisers can write a business plan, but they do not undertake the registration of all documents, for negotiations with departments, since they do not know all legal aspects. We know all the nuances and subtleties, so we offer you a full range of services that you can get in one company & ndash; & lt; / RTI & gt; Cliff Property & lt; / RTI & gt;
The package of our services includes:
Analysis of your individual situation, selection of the best option for obtaining residence permit. Preparation of a business plan for the Office for Foreigners in the framework of establishing business in Germany Assistance in drafting letters of recommendation, biography, transfer of diplomas Negotiations with involved ministries and departments Protecting the interests of the Customer in the above agencies and any other bodies influencing the receipt of residence permit Assistance in concluding medical and pension insurance contracts.
We also provide accounting services for the company and the client’s support for the extension of residence permits and the registration of permanent residence in 3 years.
The process of registration can be divided into two stages:
Preparation of all documents & ndash; duration about 4-6 weeks. Verification of all documents in all departments lasts from 2 to 6 months, it depends on the city where you plan to move.
Contact us in any convenient way, and we will pick up for you the most profitable way of obtaining residence permits in Germany from the point of view of saving time and money, and we will also take care of all the issues related to its implementation.
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