Residence permit in Finland: the features of the receipt.
Finland is considered one of the most environmentally friendly countries with majestic and beautiful nature. It is quite attractive for both Russian citizens and European citizens. Important factors influencing Finland’s choice as a country for permanent residence are: a stable economy, a developed social security system, a lack of corruption and the willingness of the state to conduct an open dialogue with residents.
Finland is part of the EU, which enables its citizens to move freely throughout the Schengen area. Together, all this is quite a powerful incentive for moving.
Who and why is seeking residence permit in Finland?
Currently, more than 90,000 foreigners live on the territory of Finland, which is about 2% of the total population of the country. People who come from Russia and the CIS most often apply for a residence permit. This is due to the search for better conditions for life and work, training in the country, opening your own business or making a marriage with a citizen of the country.
To date, there is a fairly large Russian ethnic community in Finland, which greatly facilitates the process of adaptation of immigrants.
All the advantages of residence permit in Finland & # 8212; bonuses, benefits and gingerbread for the Russians.
In Finland, a fairly high standard of living and obtaining a residence permit gives its owners many advantages:
The permit allows for free movement throughout the EU and provides access to free medical services. A foreigner who has a residence permit in the country automatically is equated with the status of a citizen in terms of social security. When marrying a Finnish citizen, the law provides the right to an adaptation program, including free courses to learn the language and acquire a new profession.
For example, students from Russia are entitled to a monthly allowance of 80 euros, free accommodation and reduced-price meals. Pensioners receive a social minimum, they are paid by the social service. Also, people of old age are doing free eye surgeries.
How quickly and cheaper to get a residence permit in Finland to a Russian citizen.
Getting a residence permit is not such an easy process as it might seem at first glance. There must be good reasons for moving.
You can get a residence permit in Finland for a Russian citizen in such cases:
Buying a property . Owning a property in Finland does not always give a guarantee of obtaining residence permit. The owner has the right to receive a long-term visa with a period of stay in the country up to 180 days a year; Reunion with the family. If you have a spouse or one of the parents living permanently in the country, a person has the right to obtain a residence permit without proving his financial solvency; Finnish origin. Get a residence permit can a Russian citizen who has Finnish roots; Training. In Finland, the educational system is very developed, which attracts young people from Russia. To obtain a residence permit it is necessary to present a sufficient amount of money for the entire period of residence; Availability of employment contract. Settle in the country for a long time you can also, having a legal job. To obtain employment in Finland, a special labor permit must be issued; Business. When applying for a residence permit, a businessman must have an authorized capital of at least 2500 euros. Another mandatory condition is & # 8212; most of the board of directors must be Finnish citizens; Residence permit for pensioners. Russian pensioners opt for Finland due to their close location to their home country, as well as a well-developed health care system. To obtain a residence permit they need to have real estate or have a related relationship with the Finns.
Acquisition of Finnish citizenship: terms, conditions and prices in one table.
Finland grants citizenship to almost all Russians who wish to reside in the country. Only in 2014 more than 2,000 passports were issued. Applications for citizenship can be filed only by those foreigners who have lived in Finland for at least 4 years. In addition, it is necessary to have a good command of the Finnish language, as well as financially support yourself. Acquiring citizenship greatly facilitates the presence of relatives in the country.
Priority for obtaining citizenship are – legal work in the country, Finnish roots, education in Finland, marriage.
Consider the step-by-step process of obtaining citizenship due to the opening of own business: