residence permit in england.
Residence permit in the UK.
In the section of permanent residence, Real estate to question How to get a residence permit in England? set by the author Olga Romanova the best answer is the Residence permit (residence permit) and permanent residence (permanent residence)
To obtain the right of extended stay in the UK, you must issue a residence permit or a resident visa. You can obtain a resident visa on various grounds: as a qualified specialist, an investor, when you marry or have relatives in the UK. Usually a residence permit is issued for five years. During the period of validity of the residence permit, a total of more than two years is not allowed in the country. Otherwise, this status may be lost.
Owners of real estate can apply for multiple British multivisa for a period of two or more years with the right extension. The very purchase of housing does not guarantee its receipt, but it is the basis for filing an application.
After a certain number of years of residence in the country, you can apply for permanent residence by residence permit. To qualify for permanent residence, in the UK you need to live:
� Under the program of professional immigration – five years;
� With relatives in the UK, five years;
� At the marriage – two years;
� for an investor visa – five years;
� For legal residence in the country for any other reasons – ten years.
To get a residence permit, and then the right to permanent residence through investment, it will be necessary to invest in the UK economy & # 163; 1 million. On & 163,50 thousand it is possible to purchase real estate, for the rest # 163,70 thousand it is possible to buy, for example, securities of the Bank of England.
Documents for residence permit are submitted to the British Consulate in Russia, application for permanent residence – to local immigration authorities in the UK.
After obtaining the right to permanent residence, the duration of stay in the UK is not limited. A year after receiving the right to permanent residence, you can apply for citizenship.
In the UK you can get permanent residence, read the link for more details.
Permanent or temporary?
Permanent give only after a certain period of actual residence in Britain with a temporary residence permit. The standard term is five years, but there are exceptions (marriages are allowed to apply for a permanent residence permit in three years, investors with assets in excess of 10 million pounds in two, investors with assets of 5-10 million pounds in three) .
A temporary residence permit can be obtained for several reasons.
Tier 1 (Investor) – you must have at least a million pounds in the bank.
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) – you must have at least 200 thousand pounds in the bank and create at least two jobs for local workers within two years after coming to Britain.
Tier 1 (Post-study work) – it is necessary to finish the university in Britain in the specialty connected with the exact sciences or engineering.
Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) – is only possible provided that the exclusivity of your talent is confirmed by one of the four “competent organizations” – Royal Society, Arts Council England, British Academy or Royal Academy of Engineering.
Tier 2 (General) – is formalized with the participation of the tenant.
Getting married – the requirements, I think, are so clear.
The first temporary residence permit is issued for three years. Then, if there is still no reason to apply for a permanent residence permit, the temporary residence permit must be extended for another two years. After that, you can already apply for a permanent.