Residence permit in Canada.
In 2018, Canada attracts many migrants, including Russians, with their high standard of living and wages, a relatively low crime rate and excellent conditions for the creation and opening of their own business. Therefore, it is not surprising that today a greater percentage of people who want to immigrate abroad, stop their choice on this state.
But it is worth remembering that for a legal stay a migrant is initially required to obtain a residence permit in Canada, which in the future can serve as the basis for conferring the status of a citizen of this country.
How to get a residence permit.
Migrants who have a residence permit in Canada have the right to enjoy all the social benefits of this country. That is, a migrant with a residence permit can get joblessly in Canada, receive social benefits and use the entire list of medical services. The only thing that distinguishes the holders of residence permits from citizens of Canada is the right to vote in elections. Also, migrants with a residence permit do not have the right to hold positions in the political sector, to run for office in elections. In addition, the similarity of the rights of holders of residence permits and residents of Canada is completely identical.
To obtain a residence permit, you must immigrate to Canada. In other words, it’s on an immigration visa that you enter. If a person drives a Canadian tourist visa and decides to obtain a residence permit, he is likely to be refused, because in Canada there are several criteria for the population who have the right to apply for a residence permit. These include:
entrepreneurs; refugees; investors; independent workers; independent applicants; people wishing to obtain residence permits for the purpose of family reunification.
Residence permit in Canada. Sample.
Each of the methods is rather complicated, but very real. Initially, having decided to leave for Canada for permanent residence, it is necessary to determine what category you fall into. After all, each of the methods requires its own set of documents.
To leave for permanent residence in Canada as an entrepreneur is not difficult. But in this case, from the outset, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that it is necessary to invest quite a lot of money into the development of this state.
The minimum amount is not less than 800 thousand dollars.
To leave for permanent residence in 2018 as an independent applicant is quite difficult. There are a lot of candidates for this “role”. That is why the Government of Canada has developed a competition on the basis of which it is possible to obtain this permission.
The essence of the contest is to pass special testing. Of the possible 100 points, the applicant must score at least 70. This competition takes into account all the applicant’s data: from age to education and language skills. If the number of points scored is less than 70, but more than 59, the decision to leave for permanent residence is taken directly at the consulate.
Immigrant visa to Canada.
The main task for migrants is to obtain an immigrant visa. It is she who gives the basis for the issuance of a residence permit to a migrant.
For refugees, it is necessary to have the approval of the Canadian regional immigration center. To do this, people with this “status” submit all the necessary documents to the consulate in the country of the actual stay. The submitted documents are sent to Canada for consideration. The decision to take a decision is strongly influenced by the political situation. If the commission makes a decision, that people really need an asylum, then they can start preparing for the exit.
Family reunification in 2018 is possible only if a Canadian citizen or migrant with a residence permit will challenge relatives.
Alternative ways of obtaining a residence permit.
In addition to the above methods of obtaining residence permits, there are two other ways to become a holder of a residence permit:
Study in Canada. Foreign representatives, including Russians, need to study for two years in Canada. To obtain a residence permit, the applicant must work for another year in his specialty. And only after that he can count on a residence permit. This is a very expensive method of obtaining residence permit, because the price of one year of education is 15 thousand dollars. Employment. In Canada, there are a number of highly demanded jobs in the labor market. And it is for these specialties in this state, there is a shortage of labor. In order to go to Canada and find a job there, you must initially be tested. Passing the test is carried out in the home country in the consulate. Back to the table of contents.
In 2018, to leave for permanent residence in Canada and get a residence permit can be through specially designed programs of the government. They are only three: two provincial and one for those who want to directly immigrate to Quebec. Quebec is a very large and multi-populated city of Canada.
Data on these programs can be found on the Internet or ask for information at the embassy.
After a person has decided on the choice of the program, he must undergo mandatory medical examination. The conclusion about the passage of the medical commission will also need to be presented at the consular representation of Canada in the home country.
After passing the medical commission, you need to apply to the Consulate of Canada in the country of actual residence and submit the main package of documents:
Applicant’s application form; information about the composition of his family; Information about the spouse; information on children (if available); copies of evidence confirming the birth of minor children (if there are children); a copy of the passport of the home country; a copy of a valid foreign passport; a copy of the marriage certificate (conclusion or divorce); documents showing the presence of an applicant for a residence permit; characteristics from all work places (they must be signed personally by the employer); employment history; A certificate confirming the absence of previous convictions in the territory of the home state for the entire period of residence; photos of all family members of the passport format; certificate from a financial institution. This document confirms that the applicant has sufficient amount to live in Canada.
An extract from the bank about the state of the account.
If the applicant has a child older than 21 years, it will also require a certificate from the educational institution in which he is studying. If the child does not receive the training, then the extract from the educational institution that the child has already completed the training is suitable. All documents must be notarized.
Documents are submitted to the consular mission. The applicant must pass an interview with the consul. The time for making a decision is 1 year. If the decision on your application is positive, then the applicant will need to pay a visa fee. Its price is 500 dollars. After this, the applicant can prepare to travel to Canada. Upon arrival in this state, he receives a residence permit with an unlimited period of validity.
Registration of residence permit.
After coming to Canada on a migration visa, foreign nationals should apply to the migration service to obtain a residence permit. It will be required to present a package of documents:
the questionnaire; the original passport; copy of the passport; marriage document; military ticket (for men); photo of the applicant; certificate of good conduct;
After submitting documents to the applicant for residence permit you need to pass a language test for knowledge of one of the languages to choose from: English (IELTS, TOEFL) or French.
This test must be taken every two years.
The residence permit is issued within 30 days.
After submitting the applicant’s documents for the residence permit it is necessary to take the test. Is this a mandatory condition for refugees? And what about English courses organized for refugees to learn English and French?
Do not know the language, there is nothing to poke on. Sit in your sunny Skobaristan.