Residence permit in Bulgaria.
Long stay in Bulgaria (residence permit) and purchase of real estate. Almost synonymous is the expression “residence permit” or residence permit. According to him, an annual stay in the country is allowed. To issue a residence permit, you need to enter Bulgaria using the migration visa “D” (valid up to six months, provides the possibility of stay up to 180 days). The full list of papers for processing such a visa is indicated on the website of the Embassy of Bulgaria.
The right to long-term residence can be granted to foreigners with a “D” visa, belonging to the following categories:
wishing to work in the territory of the country (permission from the relevant authorities is required). owners of business, within the framework of which 10 or more jobs are created for the Bulgarians. students with a full-time form of study are foreign specialists who came to the country on the basis of an international agreement. who are married to a permanent resident in the country or who have other grounds for staying in Bulgaria. representatives of a foreign trading company with registration in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bulgaria. who are on long-term treatment in medical institutions (if there are sufficient funds). pensioners with sufficient means to stay in the country. members of the family of an alien who has obtained residence permits or Bulgarian citizenship.
The item on small investments was canceled. More details on the grounds for obtaining residence permit can be found in the law on foreigners.
It must also be taken into account that for obtaining a residence permit you should provide housing, medical insurance and a sufficient amount of money for living. Stay may be further extended upon application. Buying an apartment is impossible without providing a certificate of criminal record when applying for a citizen of another country aged 21 and over is required.
After obtaining residence permits, you can visit Bulgaria without limit. You can also work in your company, on equal terms with the citizens of Bulgaria to use paid medical services, pay contributions to the pension fund, make out an invitation for a visit to private foreign individuals. After a five-year stay, it is allowed to obtain DWR. For children with the right of extended stay, paid education is allowed in schools in Bulgaria.
Please note that the purchase of real estate can not be the basis for the registration of residence permit in Bulgaria. The fact is that to extend the status of residence permit you need to maintain the original basis used when obtaining the status.
Long-term stay in Bulgaria (DWR)
To obtain the status of long-term residence (DVR), a non-resident must live on the territory of the country continuously for at least 5 years. It also requires compliance with legal grounds during this period.
Continuity of stay means that you can not be absent from the country for more than 6 months in a row. In sum for 5 years there should be no more than 10 months of absence.
In addition, obtaining DVZ is possible only on condition of confirmation of sufficient funds to ensure the residence of the citizen himself and his family members. This does not take into account social assistance. The amount of collateral must exceed the minimum wage or minimum pension. In addition, you will need to provide health insurance, issued in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria for the duration of your stay.
For the family members of a citizen with a DWR, an annual residence permit is allowed. However, the period of stay must not exceed the date fixed for the title deigner.
The status of the DVR is considered permanent until there are grounds for its cancellation. Upon initial receipt, a permit for a five-year stay is issued, which may be extended in the future upon application.
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