Residence permit in Bulgaria for pensioners when buying real estate.
Wealthy elderly Russians are often interested in the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria for pensioners in 2018. There is nothing surprising in this. A warm climate, reasonable conditions for participation in the program, most local residents understand perfectly, and sometimes they speak Russian. If such an option for accommodation turned out to be interesting, it is worth to find out the conditions for participation in the program, the list of necessary documents and the rights that a foreigner with such status receives.
Conditions of receipt.
For many years Bulgaria was the most accessible abroad for today’s pensioners. Not surprisingly, many still prefer to spend time with this country. Now they can settle here permanently, having received a residence permit in Bulgaria. For this, it is necessary to observe certain conditions:
be a financially independent pensioner and have the ability to document this; receive a pension from another state; have a place to stay in Bulgaria. This can be both personal housing and rental property; have a Bulgarian visa D for secured pensioners; to issue a permit in the migration service of Bulgaria for residence permit.
What rights does the residence permit give to pensioners.
When the status of a foreigner can be:
invite to draw up invitations for foreigners to obtain a Bulgarian visa; live in the country for a year, and subsequently extend the residence permit to permanent residence; to live in the acquired housing or to rent it; To visit in a visa-free regime of the country with which Bulgaria has an appropriate agreement.
Features of a residence permit for pensioners.
It seems that to obtain a residence permit for pensioners, there are an order of magnitude less terms than for able-bodied foreigners, but this status has a number of limitations:
the period of residence for such a document is not included in the period readable for naturalization, that is, it will not be possible to obtain citizenship automatically after it; such residency and residence does not provide for employment opportunities in the wage sector; Such foreigners do not have the right to vote.
To obtain a permanent residence permit, the pensioner must prepare:
Application for a residence permit for pensioners. The form can be obtained at the consulate. You can fill it yourself, but more often this issue is dealt with by immigration agents, who often provide such services for additional remuneration. It is filled in the Bulgarian language, but you can also compile it in Russian. The questions mainly concern the minimum set of personal data of the alien. A valid one and a half year from the date of applying for a foreign passport. It is desirable to have visa stamps in it. Color photo 35 by 45 mm. In fact, this is a standard Schengen snapshot. The photo should be high quality, bright and contrast, it is performed on a light gray or light blue background. The applicant looks into the camera, his expression is calm. Headgear (except religious, not hiding the face), large accessories are not appropriate, except for optical glasses. Confirmation of the availability of a place to stay in Bulgaria. This may be the right of ownership when buying a property or received by any other legal way, as well as a rental contract. Standard Schengen health insurance. It should cover 30 thousand euros for medical services or a possible emergency return home. Confirmation of the presence on the bank account of a sum equivalent to a twelvefold minimum pension in Bulgaria. It is determined at the time of submission of documents, as it periodically changes, it is desirable to clarify this information in advance on the website of the embassy of the country. To date, this is about 1 thousand euros. Information about the amount of pension. A document on the availability in the local bank of the possibility of transferring pensions from Russia to Bulgaria. Information about the absence of unaccounted and unpaid convictions. You can take it in the country of permanent residence.
Advantages and disadvantages.
Bulgaria is not the most economically developed country, this results in a number of disadvantages that accompany the residence permit here.
High unemployment and low wages. Of course, for the pensioner it does not really matter, his residence permit and the age of employment do not imply, but relatives who may want to move with him will be difficult even after obtaining citizenship. Such a residence permit does not entitle to employment or work in the private sector, it also matters to able-bodied members of the migrant’s family. The country is struggling with the economic crisis, investments in the local economy are almost not protected, so opening a business here can be very difficult. There can be no question of any high social guarantees for the reasons already described. The migration crisis affected this country as well. Migrants do not want to stay here for a long time, but their flow constantly disturbs local residents.
However, there are significant advantages that can not be ignored, especially taking into account the prospect of taking the country to the Schengen zone in a few years and granting its inhabitants all the relevant rights: With the acquisition of a residence permit in Bulgaria, a foreigner gets a prospect in the future to travel without restriction to all countries of the Schengen zone , but for now only in countries with concluded agreements, for example, Cyprus and Romania. Possibility to live without restrictions in the country. Though the country itself is not very promising economically, but in the future it can become a launching pad for moving to more developed European states. Maybe it is not too interested in the pensioner, but for children it may well be interesting. A mild warm climate without sudden temperature changes is harmful to the health of an elderly person. A huge number of Russian-speaking people. There are even settlements completely populated by Russians. It is easy to find partners for doing business for the Russian diaspora.
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