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The process of obtaining residence permit in Austria – the procedure is not easy, you need to decide for yourself whether it is worth your time, effort and money!
So, if you still decided to say to Austria “YES”, then read on, what we need for this.
We advise you to begin now to collect documents for filing a residence permit for 2014, the number of quotas is limited!
Citizens who are not EU residents who do not apply for a job in Austria are able to obtain a residence permit for financially independent persons in Austria.
After a continuous stay in Austria for 5 years, you can request a different type of residence permit, namely Daueraufenthalt & ndash; EG, but for this it is necessary to have knowledge of the German language at the level of Module 2.
Prerequisites for obtaining residence permit for financially independent persons:
Citizens who are not EU residents, as well as their family members, must have a permanent income, for example, a pension, wages, income from business activities abroad. For this type of residence permit, there is a certain number of quotas, which for each federal land in Austria are different, we recall that in Austria 9 & ndash; federal states and each has its own laws and regulations.
Below is a table with a minimum income per month.
The minimum monthly income as of January 2013
A family of two people.
Additionally for each child.
The main package of documents for obtaining residence permit in Austria:
valid passport with expiration of validity not less than three months before the expiry of the validity of residence permit; internal passport; biometric photo; birth certificate; Insurance in case of illness or accident, which covers the entire period of residence permit; confirmation of the availability of funds (a certificate from the bank, a certificate of salary, etc.); confirmation of the availability of housing in Austria (a lease or documents for own housing); certificate from the police; A completed application form; certificate A1, confirming the minimum knowledge of the German language.
For each category of residence permits, an additional list of documents is provided for the main package.
All documents must be translated into German by a certified translator and notarized.
Please, translate your documents from certified translators, because sometimes because of poor quality of translation documents may not be accepted for consideration.
Let me remind you, please, ask a few firms about the cost of their services for escorts on obtaining a residence permit and what services this cost includes, and, as they say, “It’s not someone who knows how to earn a lot of money, but someone who knows them competently spend” .
Therefore, we wish you all the best, make the right decision and see you in amazing Austria!