Residence permit based on winnings in the lottery.
Each year, the US government conducts lotteries, as a result of which 55,000 winners receive a Green Card. There are certain rules for selecting participants.
Who can participate.
55,000 Green Cards & # 8212; immigration visas & # 8212; are not available to people from countries with a large flow of immigration. Participation in the lottery can take the natives of most countries, with the exception of the following: Great Britain.
The list of countries participating in the drawing may change.
The list of countries whose natives have the right to take part in the drawing changes every year. It is possible that the lottery will be canceled at all. All the necessary information (whether your country is included in the rally or whether there is a lottery in general) you can get at the US Consulate. Do not give your name to the consular officer; interest in the lottery can be considered as immigration intentions, which will prevent you from obtaining a nonimmigrant visa. You can also call the Department of State in Washington at (202) 663-1600.
The right to participate in the drawing is determined by the country of your birth, not by citizenship. You can also use the country of birth of the spouse (s) if your country is not included in the list of participants. If you were born in a country that is not the birthplace of your parents or was not their permanent residence at your birth, you can use the country of birth of one of the parents.
If you win, then spouse (s) and unmarried (unmarried) children under the age of 21 can immigrate simultaneously with you regardless of their place of birth.
Having won the lottery, you must qualify for a visa: to have a minimum of secondary education (or its equivalent) or two years of qualified work for the last five years. A private entrepreneur has the right to a visa depending on the occupation (unskilled labor and manual labor are not included). Do not attach documents on education or work experience to the application for participation in the lottery; they will be needed only if you win.
You can take part in the lottery, while in the US or abroad. If you are in the US, you can participate, even if in illegal status. Your application is not submitted to the immigration service and will not reveal your illegal situation. You can play even while registering your immigration application.
If you are lucky.
Winning the lottery does not ensure that you receive the Green Card automatically; it gives you the right to apply for an immigrant visa.
Application for participation in the lottery and application for non-immigrant visas.
When you apply for a nonimmigrant visa, you must answer question 31 in the OF-156 questionnaire (p. 130 # 131), whether you applied earlier for a residence permit. As we have noted on several occasions, immigration intentions may prevent you from obtaining some nonimmigrant visas (guest or student), even if you sincerely do not plan to stay in America.
However, pay special attention to the wording of question 31:
“The application for participation in the lottery is not an immigration petition or application for labor certification and it also does not indicate to employees of the consulate or immigration service on your desire to immigrate & quot; (quote from the questionnaire). The application for participation in the lottery is not made out by the employees of these services.
The number of applicants for 55,000 immigrant visas includes winners and their family members & # 8212; spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age. For example, if each of the 11,000 winners has four close family members (who automatically receive visas), then the Green Card limit of this drawing is already exhausted.
Every year, lottery winners are more than visas, because some of them do not apply for a visa or qualify for it. As a rule, the ratio of winners to the number of visas & # 8212; 100 000: 55 000. Therefore, immigrant visas are granted to those who before all had an interview on Green Card.
If you win, you must apply for an immigrant visa at the consulate or local immigration office in the US as soon as possible. If all immigrant visas are issued before your interview, you can become the winner of the draw, but not get Green Card. In that case, you do not automatically receive Green Card next year. you must participate in the lottery again (the law provides rare exceptions).
Different regions of the world receive different percentages of issued visas. A smaller percentage is for countries with a large flow of immigration. For example, in the last lottery there were only 2455 winners from South America. In addition, there is no guarantee that there will be winners in the country. The choice is made arbitrarily, so it is possible that the country will not receive a single visa or it will have several winners or a maximum of the percentage of visas granted to it.
How to apply for participation in the raffle.
Application submission period & # 8212; one month, usually from the beginning of February to the beginning of March. All applicants who submitted applications this month have an equal chance of winning. Applications received before or after this period are canceled.
The deadline for applications may change.
The deadline for submitting an application for participation in the lottery can change every year. All information about this you can get at the US Consulate (do not give your name to the consular officer, your interest in the lottery can be regarded as immigration intentions and prevent from obtaining a nonimmigrant visa). You can also call the US Department of State in Washington at (202) 663 1600.
You can file only one application. If you submitted more than one application, they will be canceled.
Spouses can send individual applications. If one wins, then the other wins. Accompanying children under the age of 21 also receive a Green Card. It makes no sense to send individual applications on behalf of young children if they do not have a secondary education or two years of work experience. If the older child meets these requirements, he / she can send his own application, but his (her) gain does not include the parents.
The order of registration of the application is very simple. There is no official questionnaire. On a simple sheet of paper, provide information on the list below and subscribe. You can do everything yourself. No one else who has submitted a statement on your behalf will increase the chances of success. Also attach two photos (37 x 37 mm) with your name on the back. Attach the photos to the application with a transparent duct tape. Payment for registration is not required (although this may change in the future). Learn about the terms of payment from official sources. Do not trust intermediaries who take money for processing the application.
The computer chooses winners arbitrarily. If you won, you will be notified about this in three months from the last day of submitting applications. The notice of winning is not in itself a permit for travel, accommodation and work in the United States. You must show that you qualify for an immigrant visa, so do not rush to quit your job and sell your property. Immigrant visas are issued to winners of the lottery from October 1 of the same year until September 30 of the following year (but, as is known, till September the limit of Green Card can be exhausted).
Immediately follow the rules and instructions that you received, and do your best to schedule an interview as soon as possible. (Do not wait until October to send out your immigration applications.) October 1 is the first date for issuing visas, immigration applications must be filed as early as possible.)
You can go through an interview at the US Consulate or, if you are already a US person in the US (legal or illegal), you can contact the local immigration office and schedule an interview day. The documents for the interview based on winning the lottery are processed faster than other types of Green Cards. Make sure that the immigration office or consulate knows about the win and your type of Green Card.
Registration of an immigration visa at the consulate and the transition to immigration status in the United States.
Winners who are in the United States must send the questionnaire to the National Visa Center. However, some immigration offices require that you apply for a transfer as early as possible without returning the documents to the Visa Center. Therefore, ask your local immigration office about the established procedure for submitting an application.
You have to hurry, because winning a lottery does not guarantee getting a Green Card. Winners are much more than Green Cards; who will be interviewed sooner, he will receive a residence permit. If you receive an immigration visa at the consulate, you must immigrate to the United States within 120 days, otherwise the visa will expire.
In anticipation of victory, immediately after submitting the application for participation in the lottery, prepare all the diplomas; documents on the experience of qualified work for two years; passports; birth certificates for all family members; marriage certificate (or divorce); data of law enforcement agencies from the place of residence and other documents. Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a certified translation.
What are your chances of winning? In the last lottery, about 6.5 million qualified applications were received (more than a million applications were disqualified). Based on the availability of 55,000 Green Cards, your odds are 120 to 1, which is much higher than the chance to win in the cash lottery in most countries!
Break a leg!
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