Repatriation to Israel from Ukraine.
Permanent residence in Israel from Ukraine.
When moving to a permanent place of residence from Ukraine to Israel has its own characteristics. Ukrainian legislation does not provide for dual citizenship, such as Russian. Therefore, a special requirement is the refusal of residence. The Consul of Israel in Ukraine will not deliver you the desired visa to a foreign passport without this condition.
Of course, you can go to Israel as a tourist or visit and make aliyah from there. This option will assume additional costs. For example, tickets for a plane, accommodation for some time at your own expense (this may take a couple of months), as well as bureaucratic processes for obtaining citizenship: an apostille of documents, a notarized translation of documents into Hebrew (in 2016, the cost of about 220 shekels).
Emigration to Israel from Ukraine begins with the confirmation of Jewishness and consular checks. How to properly pass it, and what documents to prepare we will talk here. In this article, we will consider a less expensive and most commonly used option – the rejection of residency and the acquisition of citizenship in the country of origin. To do this, you need to get a stamp “on the post-mortem living area.”
Stamp for permanent residence in Israel.
First step.
By law, the procedure should take a maximum of 3 months from the date of filing. Average time according to the experience of repatriates from Ukraine is 1-3 months. So, all in order.
We go to the regional OVIR at the place of residence. There we serve:
& # 8211; a notarized copy of the birth certificate and the original;
& # 8211; original labor or notarized copy;
& # 8211; notarized consent of the parents that they do not have material and property claims (this item must be fulfilled regardless of your age and if the parents are alive, in case of death we provide a certificate);
& # 8211; notarized consent of children of 14-18 years old, that they agree to go for permanent residence;
& # 8211; white folder with a string;
& # 8211; envelope with a stamp in Ukraine;
& # 8211; 2 copies of the Ukrainian passport and the original;
& # 8211; 2 copies of the passport and the original;
& # 8211; the receipt of payment (the cost of services is 195 UAH, which is better to pay in the branch of any bank, since the commission in ATMs of OVIROV can be more than 10 UAH).
This list of documents the regional OVIR sends to the main. In Kiev, he is at the address Bereznyakovskaya 4A. It is better to call in advance and find out what days and hours your inspector takes, since you can go with the documents idly. For example, according to the Holosiivsky district inspector takes on Monday from 14 to 16 and on Thursday from 10 to 12.
Second phase.
You have to come to the main office a month after filing to the district office. In my case, they promised to call back, but the call did not follow, and the documents waited quietly, while I myself will come to the second stage. Therefore, I advise you not to wait for a call or SMS. There, in the case of a successful check, you will be told to check-out of the apartment and bring a certificate from the tax “from the tax office about the filing of the declarations, the maynive mill is reached.”
To speed up the process of obtaining a coveted stamp, I advise you to begin the procedure for obtaining a certificate from the tax immediately after the filing of documents to the regional OVIR. This certificate is made within 30 days, so you will just get it by the beginning of the second stage and you will not wait for an extra month.
If you had your own business, you can easily fill out the income statement for the last 3 years. If you were a hired employee or simply have difficulty in counting, then first I recommend ordering an extract from the register about your income and taxes. It will be issued in 5 working days. From it you can transfer the data to the declaration for reference. Also it will be necessary to fill 2 applications by hand and submit them to the correspondence receiving window.
In the screenshot, an example of a statement of a certificate from the tax for leaving for permanent residence from Ukraine.
Extract from the apartment takes from 2 to 7 working days. Further safely go to the main OVIR, where you take 2 passports and give in a couple of days – a week. You will not be given Ukrainian anyway! # 8211; he will be annulled, and to foreign countries you will put a much-desired staple “for permanent residence in Israel.”
Hooray, the stamp is received. The next step is to call the consulate and say that we want to get a visa for Israel in a ready-made foreign passport. In 2015, the date of the meeting was set for 2 weeks by call, and in September 2011 – for 3 weeks. Given this factor, you can also calculate the time and if there is an urgency to call in advance when the stamp is not yet (this is not necessary to say to the secretary at the consulate).
Monetary payments and benefits in Israel for Ukrainians.
Also for Ukrainians in Israel special benefits and cash payments are in effect. In addition to the standard basket for repatriates, Ukrainians can get help from the friendship fund (keren will get) 1000 dollars for one adult and 500 dollars for the child, as well as free flight to Israel and help with the initial arrangement. Unfortunately, this program can only be used by those repatriates who do not go by any program of the Sohnut.
Also for Ukrainian immigrants there is a national program of emergency measures to support aliyah, which consists in the financing of up to 15,000 shekels per family, which left for permanent residence in Israel from Ukraine from 1.03.2015 to 31.12.2016.
Otherwise, repatriation from Ukraine is no different from repatriation to Israel from other countries. About repatriation in general, you can learn a lot from other articles of our site.
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