Registration of the visa in the USA for pensioners.
In the post-Soviet countries, the myth of the impossibility of issuing a visa for a pensioner in the United States is very common. And indeed – many pensioners are denied a visa, but if you collect all the necessary documents and prepare for an interview with a US visa officer, then the chance to get a visa even in old age increases significantly.
Features of entry into the United States.
It is easiest for a pensioner to get, oddly enough, a student visa in the US. The fact is that in the USA it is accepted to study all life, and that is why it is very often possible to meet older people in the walls of American universities who are studying there.
You can give as evidence that you have already reached the retirement age. But it should be borne in mind that education in the United States is very expensive – the cost of one semester – from 8 thousand dollars, mini-courses on interests (English, programming courses, cooking, etc.), which last 2-4 weeks, are from 250 dollars.
Example of a visa in the USA.
When registering any visa you will have to prove your solvency, no matter whether you are a pensioner or not. And it is also very important that the visa officer understand that you do not have any immigration intentions (even if there are any). Pensioners are most difficult to prove their solvency, since the size of pensions in the CIS hardly allows you to make ends meet, so you will have to appeal to other sources of income.
For example, you have wealthy relatives who can sponsor you, you are working somewhere, you have your own business or some savings. As evidence you can bring in the consulate information on income (his or her relatives), an extract from the bank.
Example of bank statement.
Also, when registering a visa in the United States it is desirable to collect references that you can not tolerate infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.
Evidence of homecoming.
Be sure to pay attention to the item “Communication with the Motherland”. If it turns out that you do not have any connection with the homeland, then the visa officer may suspect that you are going to immigrate to the country not quite legal way, and the visa will be denied. A weighty proof of the connection with the homeland will be:
sick or completely incompetent relatives; successful business in your country; high paying job; the property; underage children. Back to the table of contents.
Invitation of relatives.
The simplest way is to leave for the US at the invitation of relatives from America (easier for pensioners). No need to try to forge an invitation or ask third parties to write it for a certain fee, as these frauds are opened very quickly, and you can be banned from entering the States after 10 years.
After studying the invitation in the consulate, they will try to raise as much information as possible about those who invite you.
If it turns out that they once left for the States on a tourist visa or on a student visa, they spent some time illegally, and then somehow legalized, then you are most likely to be refused.
Also, the consulate will need to confirm your solvency or the solvency of the invitations.
It is worth noting that it will not be difficult to obtain a visa in the United States again afterwards. The whole procedure can be followed by a simplified scheme.