Registration of the residence permit status in Monaco is a dream closer than it seems.
Getting a resident card in Monaco is a problematic and lengthy process. In many ways, everything depends on the compactness of the country. The state is very compact and physically unable to accommodate on its territory all comers. That is why the government of Monaco is seriously approaching the process of selecting new citizens – each representative should be useful to the state, including to have large financial opportunities. But, observing some conventions and in the presence of a certain skill, it is possible to surpass other candidates and obtain a resident card in one of the richest countries in Europe and the world. In this article we will tell you what is needed for this.
Resident map in Monaco – types and types.
Immediately after obtaining the status of residence permit, the foreigner automatically becomes a tax resident of the country. This is another plus – because taxes are significantly different. So, the new resident does not pay income tax. Also, no taxes are levied on any income received outside of Monaco is also not taxed. When applying for the first time, the applicant issues a Permis de sejour status (residence permit) – the status is valid for 1 year.
Needs an extension within three years. After three years of successful residence in the country, the resident draws up a map of the residence permit of the deported ordinaire or an ordinary resident card. This map is improved, it has been in operation for 3 years and needs a two-fold extension. It allows you to live in the territory of Monaco for six years. After that a request is received for obtaining a privileged resident card & # 8212; Carte de resident privilege. Provides the right to stay in the country for 10 years. Unlike previous cards, it is prolonged an infinite number of times, but always for the same period – 10 years.
Also, getting a Carte de resident privilege provides an opportunity to obtain citizenship. But a simple application will lead to nothing – it will be rejected. Throughout the period, it is necessary to closely integrate into the economy, to constantly bring in large incomes and actively participate in the social life of the country. It should be noted that obtaining a residence permit obliges an alien to stay in the country for at least six months each calendar year. If a foreigner stays longer outside the country – his resident card is canceled, the extension of the status is also impossible.
Registration of the residence permit status for investors.
The most simple and safe way to obtain a residence permit is to invest in the country. At the same time, foreigners are prohibited from doing business or have any other source of income other than bank accounts.
Ways to obtain the status of residence permit for financially well-off persons:
After confirming all the data and agreeing, the foreigner can apply for a residence permit. And, at once can specify members of the family as candidates for the new status.
Doing business.
As a basis for obtaining a residence permit card, your own company may well act. Before registering a new company in the country, you need to obtain permission to conduct business activities from local authorities. This is the most difficult point, as the economy of Monaco practically does not need registration of a new firm. But, the development of a unique project and an impressive business plan will not only get the interest of local authorities, but also support for officials in the future.
Required minimum for company registration:
Among foreigners, the most popular are joint-stock companies and partnerships. Distributed and branches or representative offices of foreign companies. But in this case, the tax on the received profit is equal to 33%, especially if more than 25% of the income the company receives outside of Monaco.
Contract job.
The conclusion of a working contract with a company may become the basis for obtaining a residence permit. And it does not matter – it will be a branch of a foreign company or a company registered on the territory of the country. First of all, the company’s management must provide evidence that residents of Monaco and France do not claim work places.
For local authorities, it is important that the salary received can cover your expenses, including rental of real estate. Otherwise, the work will be denied. The lifetime of the resident card lasts as long as the working contract. It is possible that from time to time you will have to renew your visa.
Higher education.
The National University of Monaco is a famous and authoritative university. The University conducts instruction in English. Leading specialties are all those related to management training and its modern forms. Admission to training is already a guarantor for obtaining a residence permit. In addition, the government must provide an extract from the bank as evidence of its solvency and residence permit.
In this case, the rent is not rented or personal. The most important thing is for the student to be able to ensure his stay in the country during his studies at the university. Student residence permit is valid only at the time of study. To extend it, you need to get yourself into the company and get a new status – a residence permit based on a working contract.
Advantages of living in the country:
If you have a desire to obtain a residence permit in the richest country of Europe and live among millionaires, billionaires, we recommend using a method for financially independent persons. Our company will help you to collect the full package of documents, recommendations and build a work plan with the migration services and government departments of Monaco in such a way that your chances of obtaining here are the maximum residence permit.