Registration of Schengen visa to Finland for citizens of Uzbekistan.
A Schengen visa to Finland for citizens of Uzbekistan is a permission to enter not only one country that has issued an entry visa. Under the terms of the Schengen Agreement, such a visa gives the right to visit any of the countries entering the Schengen area. There are 26 such states today. It is important only to comply with the visa regime – to cross the border correctly, to be on the Schengen territory only within the scope of the obtained permission to enter and the laws of the countries visited.
Documents for the registration of Schengen visa to Finland citizens of Uzbekistan.
If the visa will be issued to a foreign citizen who is on the territory of Russia, the main thing is to submit documents proving the legality of stay in the country. Consular services require as evidence to be required to produce:
registration (term – not less than six months); permits (patents) for work.
The remaining papers are included in the standard package of documents, consisting of:
a foreign passport of the applicant (valid for another six months or longer); photographs for a visa on a model; the certificate from the employer, in which all his requisites, position, salary level, data on the dates of the granted leave are indicated; bank statement (in the account there should be a sum of money, which is enough for expenses during the trip).
In addition, you will need to provide a basis for visa processing – an insurance medical policy for traveling abroad and paid reservation of a hotel or apartment for the entire duration of the tour to Italy. And also – booked air tickets in both directions.
Our visa center will help with the preparation of these documents, as well as will provide the necessary visa support. On the phone and in the office we advise for free – the real help of experienced specialists.
Questions and answers.
Victor Ilyich Pronin.
I want to go to Prague, but I am afraid now of the international situation. What about visas to Schengen countries? Earlier there were trips: France, England, Holland.
If everything is normal, then what can you arrange for me?
Thank you for attention.
Hello, Victor Ilyich.
We will be happy to help you with your visa to the Czech Republic.
Processing time: 12 working days.
Cost: 150 Euro.
List of the necessary documents for visa to the Czech Republic:
– 2 color photographs (face size: 30-35 mm);
– a copy of the Russian passport;
– certificate from the place of work (indicating the position and salary);
There will be questions, please contact.
We will try to help you.
A visa for Jamaica is issued upon arrival for a period of 30 days. Tell me, is it possible to teach a visa for a longer period (from 3 to 6 months)?
Good afternoon, Maxim!
Of course, you can get a visa for a longer period.
To do this, you will need an invitation from the host country in Jamaica, indicating the dates of stay and the purpose of the visit.
Sincerely, the visa department.
Elena Victorovna.
Can I get a visa to Slovenia on the basis of a document confirming payment for the courses, reservation of rental housing and air tickets?
Elena Victorovna, good afternoon.
You can apply for a visa to Slovenia on the basis of payment confirmation.
There will be questions, please contact.
We will try to help you.
visa department of the company “World of Wanderings on October”.