Registration of an immigration permit and a permanent residence permit.
Permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
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An important step for those who moved to Ukraine is to obtain a permanent residence permit. He gives the right to live in the territory of a given country for any period of time, and after the person is in Ukraine for a certain period, will give the right to obtain citizenship. Registration of residence permit & # 8212; a matter to which one must be taken seriously. This procedure can cause difficulties for those who do not have experience in legal matters. Such people should ask for professional help. It offers you the Lviv company Bachinsky, Kolomiets and Partners.
Reasons to apply for permanent residence in Ukraine.
Ukrainian laws provide for certain reasons why a person can obtain a permanent residence permit. There is an opinion that it is usually issued to those who have continuously lived in the country for more than five years. However, this opinion is erroneous. Thus, a person without Ukrainian citizenship who married a Ukrainian citizen can obtain a residence permit within two years, and in the event of a marriage with a foreigner who already has a residence permit, he can be obtained immediately. Citizens of Ukraine who refuse to become citizens can also immediately replace him with a permanent residence permit.
The procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
If you want to get a permanent look and have all the reasons for this, you will need to go through several legal procedures. The first step in this direction is the collection of documents. So, you need the following list of papers:
Passport or other identification document and its copy; A copy of the decision to grant you an immigration permit; Receipts for the payment of all parts of the service; Four photographs on matte paper 3.5 by 4.5 cm; Copy of the certificate that you received an identification code (if any); Translation of documents into Ukrainian (if necessary).
In addition to paying for the service itself, it is also necessary to pay the state fee. Some categories of persons are exempted from this procedure (disabled people and the first and second groups affected by the Chernobyl tragedy). Instead of a receipt, they can file a document confirming their benefits.
In some cases (depending on the country from which you are moving), a long-term visa may be required. A copy of it must also be added to the package of documents.
You need to apply for a permanent residence permit during the period during which the immigration permit is valid. As a rule, it is issued for a period of one year.
The next step is to write an application. His sample you can find on the Internet or ask at the office of the State Migration Service of Ukraine. At this stage, you need to be as attentive as possible and check the statement several times after writing. The fact is that mistakes in this document can cause you to not be given a permanent residence permit.
After that, the application and documents must be carried to the local medical department. It must be done personally. Your case will be processed within seven days. If everything was done correctly, later you can get a residence permit in Ukraine.
In some cases, the state may refuse to issue a residence permit. The reason for this can be the danger that a particular person presents to the country and its residents, as well as the identification of fraud or an improperly executed statement.
In order to move to a permanent place of residence in Ukraine, you must have a proper immigration permit. Such a document can be obtained within or outside the quota of immigration, which was established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
Immigration of citizens of other states in Ukraine has been growing in recent years. This happens for a variety of reasons, including & # 8212; economic and political. The Ukrainian state gives foreigners the opportunity to become full citizens of Ukraine, to live and work on Ukrainian land in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons”.
Categories of persons who are part of the immigration quota.
The categories of persons who are part of the immigration quota are listed in art. 4 of the above Law.
This category includes the following persons:
The figures of various fields of culture and science, which are recognized as necessary for the cultural, scientific and educational development of Ukraine; Highly qualified specialists who can benefit from their activities in the relevant sectors of Ukraine; Investors & # 8212; people who invested in the state economy of Ukraine large amounts, which are not less than 100 thousand USD; Close relatives of Ukrainian citizens. This category includes: full-blooded brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandchildren and granddaughters; Persons who were citizens of Ukraine and lost citizenship; Parents, husband or wife, as well as minor children of a person who has already obtained permission for permanent residence in Ukraine; Persons who become victims of such crimes as trafficking in human beings & # 8212; such persons may obtain permission to immigrate to Ukraine 3 years after the establishment of the status; Refugees and persons who were granted asylum in Ukraine (they get permission after 3 years of residence in Ukraine).
Categories of persons who are not part of the immigration quota.
Outside this quota, the following persons may obtain permission to immigrate to Ukraine:
Spouse of a citizen of Ukraine & # 8212; in case the spouses are married for at least 2 years; Parents and children of persons who are citizens of Ukraine; Persons having the right to citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin; Persons whose guardians or custodians are Ukrainian citizens, or vice versa & # 8212; such persons who are themselves guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine; The figures, whose relocation to Ukraine is important for the state and represents a state interest for Ukraine; Persons who are foreign Ukrainians, as well as the spouse of such a person and their children “# 8212; if they enter the territory of Ukraine together.
All mentioned categories of persons have the right to move to Ukraine for permanent residence.
What do you need to get permission to immigrate to Ukraine?
In order to obtain an immigration permit to Ukraine, it is necessary to apply to the appropriate subdivision of the GTS of Ukraine and provide the list of required documents:
Three photos measuring 3.5 X 4.5 cm; a copy of the passport translated into Ukrainian. Correctness of translation is certified by a notary; Information on the place of residence of an alien in Ukraine, as well as on the place of residence in the country of his citizenship; The completed application form for the granting of an immigration permit; A document confirming the applicant’s right to immigration; Information on the composition of the applicant’s family. Relevant documents should be translated into Ukrainian and notarized; A certificate of the state of health, including the absence of certain diseases, drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse and infectious diseases, the list of which is approved by the relevant ministry; A certificate of absence of criminal record in the territory of Ukraine and in the country of one’s citizenship or permanent residence.
The order of consideration of the permission to immigration.
An interested person submits an application for immigration permission in person. In exceptional cases, if valid reasons do not allow you to come personally to the appropriate HMS unit, documents can be sent by mail. It is also possible to attract a representative, for example, a lawyer, a specialist in this industry. His powers must be confirmed by a notarized power of attorney.
If the applicant is a minor or an incompetent person, then his / her interests in the state institution are represented by the parents or guardian. Their powers are confirmed by a birth certificate of a minor or a decision of the competent authority on the appointment of a guardian. If the documents are sent by letter, then the authenticity of the signature of the applicant is also notarized. A sample application for an immigration permit can be found on the HMS website.
Consideration of documents lasts about one year. If the issue is resolved positively, the applicant receives a permit valid for the year. Refusal is allowed only on the grounds established by law. In particular, if a person has committed a crime against humanity or has an outstanding conviction for actions for which he was sentenced to deprivation of liberty for more than a year. Also, persons who have entered false information in the application or provided knowingly inauthentic documents (which have lost their force or are counterfeit) are refused to provide the corresponding service.
Application for immigration to Ukraine.
Applications for an immigration permit can be submitted by:
persons who are outside our country on a permanent basis (in this case, the above-mentioned statement is accepted and considered by diplomatic missions and consular institutions of the Ukrainian state that are abroad); persons residing in the Ukrainian territory on the grounds defined by the current legislation (then the application is submitted for consideration to the territorial units of the migration service).
If you are planning to immigrate to Ukraine on the basis of the marriage, bear in mind that immigration of one parent together with minor children is possible only if there is a corresponding written permission, certified by another parent, or a court decision.
Registration of a permanent residence permit and obtaining an immigration permit is quite a complex and responsible procedure, requiring attention to detail and plenty of time. If you want to avoid problems and speed up these processes, we recommend that you turn to professionals for help.
Questions about the permanent residence permit (permanent residence), which are often asked to us by foreigners:
& # 8212; Can a foreigner get permanent residence after 5 years of legal residence in Ukraine?
No, he can not. Residing legally in Ukraine regardless of the term of such residence (five years, ten years or more) does not give any additional advantages.
& # 8212; If a foreigner receives a temporary residence permit for more than one year (five years or more), can he expect a residence permit?
The temporary residence permit is in no way connected with a permanent residence permit (permanent residence). The number of years of stay in Ukraine on the basis of a temporary form does not affect permanent residence, except for the case of marriage, because to obtain permanent residence it is enough for a foreigner to be 2 years in marriage.
& # 8212; Is it possible to obtain a permanent residence permit remotely or by proxy through a lawyer?
A foreigner must apply for an immigration permit (permanent residence) only in person. Yes, an immigration lawyer must be with him to clarify what documents he signs and submits and help with their registration, but an immigration lawyer can not do it in the absence of a person. If someone such promises & # 8212; most likely he (she) is a fraud and we do not recommend contacting such persons.
& # 8212; How long should a foreigner stay on the territory of Ukraine?
Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine does not oblige a foreigner to permanently reside on the territory of Ukraine. A foreigner after receiving an immigration permit may stay on the territory of Ukraine (or outside it) for as long as he / she needs.
& # 8212; Is it possible to register an alien without obtaining a permanent residence permit (permanent residence)? Does this propiska give any additional advantages?
Register (register the place of residence) can only be when a foreigner has received a residence permit. Registration in an alien’s passport is impossible. The registration does not give any advantages.
& # 8212; What gives a permanent residence permit to an alien?
In addition to the right to reside on the territory of Ukraine, the immigration permit has a number of advantages: 1) obtaining an immigration permit by at least one of the foreigners entitles them to permanent residence for members of the immigrant’s family (mother, father, children); 2) the right to import your personal property (car) within 6 months after receiving permanent residence without payment of customs duties.
& # 8212; Need to change the permanent residence permit of the old sample?
The permanent residence permit for the old sample looks like a cardboard scan and consists of a one-page document composed in half. Such a document (a certificate of permanent residence) is not subject to mandatory replacement and has no validity period. But its use can cause some inconvenience. After all, it is this sample (and not the residence permit of a new model that looks like a green passport) that is much easier to forge and is often not in the database. There was also a case where the loss of a residence permit in Ukraine of the old model led to the need to begin procedures for obtaining an immigration permit first (anew the entire procedure), as the case materials were not preserved. If you replace the old model with a new one, you will avoid additional problems that may arise with the loss of residence permits or suspicions of forgery of such a document. If replacement is necessary, please contact the phone numbers indicated on the website or +380960020100.
& # 8212; Obtaining a permanent residence permit automatically makes a foreigner a tax resident in Ukraine?
No, to become a tax resident of Ukraine a foreigner needs to fulfill other conditions. Immigrant resident and tax resident & # 8212; these are different things.
The Bachinsky, Kolomiets and Partners law firm in Lviv provides services on obtaining a residence permit and permission to immigrate to Ukraine. Our immigration lawyers and lawyers will provide all necessary consultations, as well as determine whether a person who wishes to move to permanent residence in Ukraine enters the immigration quota. We will take care of the execution of all documents in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine.