Registration of a visa for Barbados for Russians.
If you are planning to visit such a state as Barbados, then you need to know some requirements for obtaining an entry permit. With a short trip for up to 28 days you do not have to pre-register any documents. It will be enough to have them on the border. In Barbados, a visa for Russians is issued by the border guard service.
Transit entry.
If the airport of this country is for you a transfer point, then it will be enough to show a foreign passport and air tickets. But this in case the transit time takes no more than 48 hours.
If necessary, for a longer period you will need to obtain permission at the border. The procedure of registration will look the same way as for ordinary tourists traveling to Barbados for recreation or other purposes.
Registration of permission at the border.
When traveling for a period not exceeding 28 days, a visa for Barbados will be stamped in the passport when crossing the border of the country. For this, it will be necessary to submit the following papers:
Foreign passport (the action must end at least six months). Air tickets in both directions. A written invitation to visit the country. If you do not have one, you will need to confirm your reservation at the hotel. Confirmation of your solvency. This can be a sponsorship letter, a certificate from a bank or from a job.
For the departure of the child in all cases will require the presence of his birth certificate, as well as a foreign passport. If there is no child’s passport, then the parent must have information about the child. When accompanied by only one of the parents, you do not need permission from the second. If the child travels with the attendant, then the latter will require an official power of attorney.
Barbados Visa for Russians: Video.
Obtaining a residence permit in the country.
For a longer stay in the country, you will need to take care of obtaining a permit in advance.
To do this, you will need to contact the British Embassy.
List of documents.
Specialists will require the following documents from you:
International passport. Its action should end at least six months. Old foreign passport (if available). The application form. It is necessary to fill it in through the website of the migration service of Great Britain. All data must be entered in English. 2 photos. They should be colored and have a size of 3.5 by 4.5 cm. Air tickets in two directions. You can provide either their photocopies or reservations. Written invitation to travel to Barbados. It should contain all information about the inviter and the place where you plan to stay. Documents proving the financial solvency of the traveler or his sponsor. This can be a sponsorship letter, a certificate from a bank or from a job. For students it is necessary to provide a certificate of the educational institution and a document confirming the sponsorship. Students must have a certificate from the educational institution and a certificate of the sponsor’s solvency. For non-working pensioners, a pension certificate and a document confirming sponsorship are provided.
All papers must be pre-photocopied.
Visa for Barbados for Russians at a cost will cost 10 dollars.