Registration of a company in Montenegro.
Thanks to the law on attracting foreign investment, the registration of a company in Montenegro (including for foreign citizens) is simplified. Compared to other European countries, opening a company in Montenegro is relatively simple: the whole process usually takes about two weeks and usually takes place without a hitch.
To register a company in Montenegro, the applicant must offer several variants of its name (for checking uniqueness in the state register), to disclose the size of the charter capital and the composition of the founders, specify the legal address of the firm and determine the main activity, appoint the executive director.
Upon the fact of opening a firm in Montenegro, you need to pay official fees, you must make a seal for the organization. Also, every registered firm must necessarily have its own bank account.
If you do not have time or the desire to mess with documents or if you are not sure that you will do everything right, there are a lot of intermediary firms in Russia that are helping to register a company in Montenegro and are consulting on this matter. Or they take care of all the necessary documents, of course, not free of charge.
The cost of opening a company in Montenegro with the help of an intermediary organization will be 270-350 euros. In order to register a company in Montenegro without any unnecessary loss of time and money, we have developed a separate service – a type of residence in Montenegro “turnkey”.
You can immediately calculate how much you will get the design of the company, documents, etc.