Registration in the lottery Green Card (Green Card) DV-2020.
The official acceptance of applications in & quot; Green Card & quot; lottery DV-2020.
The results of the lottery will be known on May 3, 2019.
Attention to the winners in the “Green Card” lottery.
The Green Card Lottery (Green Card) is the easiest and fastest way to become a legitimate US citizen. There are, of course, other ways, but they take much more time, money and other resources.
You can obtain a Green Card in various ways. One of them is to win the lottery. The “Green Card” lottery (Diversity Immigrant Visa Program DV-2020) is conducted by the US Department of State.
The lottery “Green Card” “- this is an annual drawing of questionnaires by the US Department of State. Of all the questionnaires sent on the deadline (usually 1 month in the year from early October to early November), the computer randomly selects about 50,000 people. winners.
What gives a person a prize in the lottery Green Card (Green Card)?
Enter / leave the US without the risk that you will be denied at the airport (port) of arrival The right to work in any company located in the United States The right to start your own business and create your own corporations and joint-stock companies. The right to use the US Government-funded educational assistance program. Holders of Green Card pay less for tuition at universities and colleges, in some cases 3-4 times cheaper than it costs for foreign students. Possibility of subsequent acquisition of US citizenship (in 5 years). Holders of “Green Card” have social benefits when they retire, provided that they have worked 40 quarters (ie, 10 years) before retiring. You can legally own real estate, cars, firearms and other things that US citizens can have. To enter without visas to countries with which the United States has concluded relevant agreements. “Green Card” (Green Card) is issued on an unlimited basis, so if you do not commit crimes and do not leave the US for a long time, this status will be preserved forever.
This is how the green card or Green Card itself looks like, an identification card that gives the above rights.
The holder of the Green Card (Green Card), as well as all members of his family who moved with him to the United States, have virtually all the rights of US citizens, with the exception of voting rights.
How and when is the Green Card lottery held?
Important Moments.
2. Annually millions of applications for participation in the Lottery & quot; Green Card & quot; They are disqualified because they are filled in incorrectly or not in time. Even the slightest inaccuracies in filling out electronic documents will result in your application for a Green Card not being considered. So, for example, according to the official website of the US State Department, 12,577,463 submitted questionnaires on the Lottery & quot; Green Card & quot; DV-2017 in the drawing participated only 7 941 400. The remaining 5 million questionnaires were not even considered due to mistakes made while filling out the questionnaire. To such mistakes it is possible to carry: – wrong formatting and registration of photos (the most common mistake, more about the photos you can read here); – an error in the surname that does not coincide with the spouse’s surname; – incorrect data on the family and children indicated in the questionnaire, etc.