Recommendations for moving to Germany.
This article is for those who are interested in the question of how to move to live in Germany for permanent residence. In principle, the most basic, and so to speak, direct methods are only two. The first way is to have an unlimited visa for a period of validity, and the second is to be a citizen of Germany. Just want to note that both methods are not very simple and require a painstaking “conjuring” with the bureaucratic apparatus, for a long time. Most often, to move to Germany, only taking into account the paper procedures – it takes more than a year, and maybe more than two.
2 main ways to move to live in Germany.
As far as is known at the moment for non-German citizens there are only two full-fledged procedures for obtaining a permanent visa and as a consequence of a permanent residence. The first one is called – Jewish immigration, the second – “late settlers”.
Under the program of “late settlers”, the question of how to move to live in Germany is solved in principle very simply. But this option is only available if you are an ethnic German who is stuck in another country. Prove this by demonstrating that although # 8212; one of the parents would belong to the German family (is his representative). Evidence can be very extensive – a graph in the passport, indicating the nationality, an extract from the passport desk, and it can also be any other official document that specifies the nationality (birth certificate, military card, etc.). Anyone who considers himself a German on the bloodline, can apply to the embassy, where he will be asked to take a test of language and German cultural characteristics. As a result, after passing the test and checking all the necessary documents, you can get permission to enter Germany for permanent residence and, as a consequence, obtain German citizenship a little later.
It should also be noted that the migration procedure for those who decide how to move to live in Germany is relatively easy and loyal, especially given that Germany provides all its “blood brothers” with fairly good extensive support. For example, free language courses, opportunities for social benefits, housing, assistance in finding a normal job, help with re-qualification, providing free medical insurance. Of course, not everything will be perfect, because in the first year in another country it is naturally very difficult anyway. Although, in this category of settlers, it is generally a sin to complain, since it is much easier for them than for many others who wish to move to Germany, even because they are traveling, like blood relatives of Germany, with the future status of a German citizen.
The information is incomplete.
There was and is a working visa, although the requirements for obtaining it are not simple. A lot of checks, including whether you will take the place of a native German.
Now the law has entered for some professions & # 8212; blue card. Much fewer checks, the main “# 8212; you need to find a job with a salary of 44t euros per year, for certain professions 34t per year. Read Google for more information.
Another way & # 8212; marry or marry a man for a German / German.
If one of the parents is German by nationality, do you really move to permanent residence in Germany?
In Friedland they said that the documents were being processed. How long to wait for permission to enter?
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