Reception of the guest visa in the USA.
a) you are sent an invitation;
b) you give it to the courier service together with the current passport and two photographs; pay for the services of this service, after which you are informed of the date of the interview at the consulate.
It remains only to appear for this interview and not to spoil the case, yielding to myths and legends. I’ll tell the readers about the most common of them, and how things really are.
Required documents and interview.
In fact, the more tinsel on your invitation, the more suspicious it looks in consular eyes. The main thing is that its author is a real person who has American citizenship. I received a visa three times in the US at the invitation, written by hand on a blank piece of paper, not tarnished with a single seal. It looked something like this: To whom it may concern.
My name is Mary Wood. I’m a US citizen. My address is 2000 82th Street, Apt. 707. I want to invite my friend Svetlana Ivanova (date of birth: May 22, 1975) to be my guest.
I’d like to invite Svetlana for 30 days. She’ll stay at my place during the visit.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me any time. My phone number is: (718) 999-9999.
Mary Wood. Your next step after receiving the invitation is to fill out a Nonimmigrant Visa Application form, in other words, a visitor visa application form. And then we smoothly move on to the next myth.
2. To fill out the questionnaire, you must certainly online, in English, right on the embassy’s website, then print out the completed form and come with it to the courier service. At least, the site is given exactly such precise instructions.
There are separate myths about the interviews.
3. As a rule, they do not give visas to unmarried and divorced women, especially young women, in the United States.
Sometimes it happens, but not at all as a rule. Sex and family status alone are not enough for a refusal. Nevertheless, you can hedge: it’s better if a woman is invited by a woman. A friend, a relative, a good acquaintance, a former classmate or colleague. I was invited and my mother’s friend at all, which was quite arranged by the consulate.
Much depends on the behavior at the interview. If you brighten up and dress up brighter, skittish and joke with a consular worker and at the same time request a visa for more than a month, he will most likely start asking a lot of additional questions. If the answers do not suit him, he may refuse – with a high degree of probability.
4. In order to get a visa in the United States for sure, you need to get a certificate of income to match the middle-class oligarch and, in general, to produce the impression of a wealthy person.
Whether you are rich or poor, it does not matter; in any case, it is better to show a certificate of your real income (if asked). Ask it almost always, so keep it ready. Prepare in advance (just in case), and all kinds of evidence of ownership of property (apartment, car, business, etc.), a certificate of marriage and the birth of a child. The main thing is not to poke them all under the nose to the employee of the consulate until he himself expresses a desire to look. Such desires are rarely visited. The information that interests them, you have already stated in the Visa Application.
I was interviewed three times, and for all this time I was asked three questions:
1) am I going to work or study in the US (no and once again no – otherwise they will require a different type of visa) ?;
2) what do I have to do with the inviting party ?;
3) am I going to see other cities in America, or will I limit myself to New York (better to confine myself to one city)?
The only additional paper I showed all three times is the same certificate from the place of work with the salary. Quite by the way, modest by American standards – about 25,000 rubles. The main thing is not to lose checks from Pony Express confirming that you have paid for the visa. They need to be presented without fail, without that they will not just talk.
5. A favorable impression on consular workers makes a casual conversation with them in good English.
In no case do this, even if you are a professional translator or candidate of philological sciences. I do not know why, but the consular reflex immediately works at the consular posts. Either a person is mistaken for a spy, or they think that no English-speaker will want to return home, or they just have certain patterns of interview in Russian, and their native speech confuses them. In general, once asked in Russian, on it and answer. At me few times there were cases when in the people speaking in English, were entangled by a dead grip. A casual conversation quickly turned into a nervous dispute on high tones.
6. You need to buy in advance tickets for the plane and show them at the interview.
You do not have to do anything like this, and no one will demand this from you. Buy when you get a visa.
Once you are asked if you want a multiple entry visa for a year or two, consider it a hat. You will be taken with fingerprints right at the consular window (it does not hurt), an extra hundred dollars, if you prefer a two-year visa, and they will let you go home. Now, wait for the call from Pony Express – you will be informed when you come for a passport in which a new American visa flaunts. Or they will deliver a passport to your home, if it is more convenient for you. That’s the whole procedure.
If applying for a visa for the first time, limit stay in the United States to three weeks or a month, no more. Then there will be no suspicions that in fact you are going to work or somehow gain a foothold there. You are a tourist on vacation and should return to your favorite work (family, business) on time from any country.
For a guest visa (and any other) it is better to apply in advance, a month or two before the proposed trip. And not in peak of holiday season. I very quickly received visas in February, in March and early April, but friends complained that in the summer everything is done longer.
In general, if your invitation is present and there are no other purposes other than traveling for your own pleasure, you do not have, everything will be all right. Consulates are created in order to issue visas, and not to deny them all in a row.
The rating is now 4.56 / 5 1 2 3 4 5.
There really is not necessarily a lot of seals, but still one, notarized on a regular A4 sheet will look good. and the above invitation does not answer many questions, it is better to write a letter in advance about what you will be doing where to live and who will pay for it. In the interview to answer strictly to the question asked yes / no, if asked to clarify briefly specify, do not show your excessive interest in the trip.
But beforehand they defended the four-hour line: at first on the street about 50 minutes, while they arrived half an hour before the appointed time, as recommended in the forums. Then more than an hour in the frame and inspection, as well as checking the completeness of the documents and their registration – it turned out that there was not enough confiration for everyone (we only had a card with barcodes at all and an invitation for an interview). Another 40 minutes went to the Internet search in the surrounding area and printout of the confirmation from the mailboxes. Returned, a girl from the consulate who follows the queue said to stand anew (that is, plus two more hours!)
Killed and lamenting their stupidity (it was necessary to print out everything that is possible in advance, despite all the advice of the sites), we stood for about 15 minutes, the queue does not move at all. We went to the guard, we say so and so, we already stood all countless queues, you can bring the documents. Says, of course, go! A few minutes of shame and we are again in the first window.
Then it went like everyone else – about an hour to register the queue number, prints, turn on the interview itself. and then a couple of questions: who are you to each other (husband and wife), where are you going (to New York, if we have time in Washington, with two children is not particularly clear up), where I work (my husband is a programmer, I’m in a bank), this all your children, others are not (no). All!! The funny thing is that the barcodes from the confirmations were not read! As a result, they scanned them from the same piece of paper with the bar codes that we had originally (printed on one page for the whole family).
Hence the conclusion – if it is written necessarily to take a confirmation by yourself, then take it. We did not ask for help from the work, apparently they already have a preliminary answer from the beginning.
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