Real estate in Spain: the pros and cons.
Nothing is perfect. And no matter how attractive Spain is to us, the negative sides can not be ignored by buying real estate in this country or moving there for permanent residence.
What good is Spain, and that in any case should not be discounted? Let’s see.
Let’s start with the positive. The number of Russian buyers on the Spanish property market is inexorably growing. Someone comes only to rest in their Spanish apartments, and someone decided not to leave this place anymore. What is under the word Spain? Consider the main advantages.
First, low prices for housing. If it were not for this factor, most of us would only dream of Spain. Over the past 6-7 years of the economic crisis, the cost of housing has decreased in some areas of the country by almost 45%! Economic experts are boldly predicting the restoration of the property market in Spain, which means that whoever has time to acquire a corner in the country will be the winner. Secondly, Spain & # 8212; this is Europe, this is a developed country with beautiful medieval architecture and a very pleasant climate. Natural landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. Pleases also the number of sunny days & # 8212; in some areas of the country about 320. Here is an abundance of fresh and healthy food, exotic fruits and seafood. Thirdly, although the culture of Spain differs from Russian culture, the residents themselves are very friendly and hospitable. Acquaintance with their traditions and customs will bring only pleasure. Fourth & # 8212; the quality of Spanish real estate is very high. This can be said about the secondary sector, and about new buildings. The fifth is & # 8212; the choice of real estate in Spain is very wide. The ability of the local population to purchase housing has declined significantly due to unemployment. And this means that many objects are empty and are waiting for their foreign owners. Sixth advantage & # 8212; The purchase of real estate in Spain worth more than 500 000 euros entitles any foreign citizen to obtain a residence permit. If your Spanish accommodation is cheaper, you get a multi-visa Schengen with the condition of staying in the country 2 twice for 90 days. Seventh & # 8212; in Spain, some prices are significantly lower in comparison with the Russian capital. This applies to branded clothes and other products. In addition to low cost, it is necessary to note a higher quality.
Crisis & # 8212; it’s still bad, not good. And in Spain, he still does not give up the position. Strongly affected the country’s economy & # 8212; the consequences are felt by everyone. The number of unemployed is still very high. Although there are already the first reports on the employment of more people. And this means that if you come to Spain to work, then find yourself a “place” will be difficult. At work in the first place satisfied with Spanish citizens. In the country, or rather in some of its areas, for example, in Madrid, strikes often take place because of political and economic problems. It is important to know Spanish. If you are going to come to the country only for rest, ignorance of the language will not give you great difficulties. If you are moving here with the whole family, learning a new language should be on the agenda. Cheap real estate from banks is very attractive, but there may be pitfalls. Usually banks put up for sale cheap objects, for which no one has long looked after. Of course, this option can be considered in the case of a limited budget for the purchase of housing. But are you sure that this can be saved? It is possible that you will need to connect all the communication systems yourself. In Spain it’s much warmer than in Russia, it’s a fact. But in the winter you will not feel it. The fact is that many properties in Spain, especially apartments in the resorts, are not equipped with a heating system. Therefore, in advance, be interested in this detail when looking at new apartments. Payment of utilities in this country & # 8212; this is the main expense item in the budget. Water, electricity and property taxes are incredibly high. One more minus & # 8212; in the near future you can not profitably resell your housing. It is necessary to wait until the Spanish market begins to recover.
The purpose of this article is to make an objective decision to acquire real estate in Europe. After all, who knows in advance about the shortcomings, suffers less frustration and has the opportunity to prepare for the difficulties and experience real satisfaction from his acquisition.
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