Real estate in Spain for pensioners.
It is natural, when pensioners from the secured, but cold regions of Europe, acquire real estate in warm countries, so that during the sunset period of their life they can enjoy the sea and the abundance of the sun. Spain & # 8212; country of azure sea, picturesque mountains, luxurious architecture and bright traditions & # 8212; confidently leads in popularity among retirees from Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Germany.
However, today, when the value of real estate in 2015 fell to a record low mark, a house or a cozy Spanish apartment by the sea is quite affordable for pensioners from less affluent countries. This is evidenced by the growing popularity of Spanish property among wealthy retirees, the Czech Republic, Poland and other European countries. If we talk about Russia, then today, not only oligarchs can afford Spanish habitation. It is also available for the middle class: oil workers, owners of small and medium-sized firms, or those who have been given such a gift by wealthy children.
What are the advantages of Spanish housing for people of retirement age? On what conditions can a Russian pensioner get a residence permit in Spain?
The reasons for the popularity of real estate in Spain in people of retirement age.
A unique climate. The number of sunny days a year, depending on the region in Spain ranges from 300 to 320. Mild winter, a small amount of precipitation & # 8212; ideal conditions for those who came from cold Siberia, the North of Russia or the Arctic.
Optimal prices. Today, the average for Spain property is 1333 euros per square meter. This means that, having a budget of 50 thousand euros, you can buy a cozy studio area of 40 square meters. meters, in a good area of Torrevieja, Benidorm or other resorts of Costa Blanca. With an increase in the amount of up to 100 thousand euros, you can purchase two-bedroom apartments in elite residential complexes on the Costa Blanca or a small studio on the Costa Bravo or Costa del Sol.
Possibility of obtaining a Spanish pension. According to Spanish laws, a Russian pensioner who legally resides in the country for more than 10 years has the right to receive a minimum pension according to age. Also under certain conditions, it is possible to transfer a Russian pension in Spain with the addition of work experience at home to the Spanish work experience.
Schengen visa. A residence permit in Spain, or a ā€œDā€ visa, enables you to travel freely through the territory of the states of the Schengen Agreement.
Obtaining residence permits for pensioners based on the purchase of real estate.
Under the Spanish laws, pensioners can get a residence permit (Spanish residencia Pensionado)
under the simplified scheme in the following cases:
Purchases of real estate in Spain for more than 500 thousand euros. Purchases of middle class property and confirmation of the required level of income. The minimum annual income of a pensioner should be 10,000 euros + 1,700 euros for each family member. In the event that a pensioner is reunited with his / her family (spouse, children), then the level of his income must be the minimum allowable & # 8212; 1700 euros per year.
The income of a pensioner may have a different origin. This may be a state pension, dividends on shares or bank deposits, income from the lease of real estate.
To obtain a residence permit in Spain, a pensioner, in addition to a certificate of the amount of income and documents for real estate, must provide a certificate of non-conviction and a medical statement that he has no quarantine infectious diseases.