Real estate in Australia. Nationality in Australia.
Hello! I am interested in residential real estate in Australia in the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, etc. And I would like to know how to formalize the citizenship of Australia and whether it is difficult to do so. Thank you in advance!
Australia is one of the countries where the real estate market is successfully developing during the global financial crisis – prices for Australian real estate are constantly growing.
In an interview with our portal, Australian real estate expert Joseph Golubinsky noted that & amp; laquo; Australia is among the top three countries in the world for transparency in real estate transactions & raquo ;.
The median median price of a house in Brisbane at the end of 2009 was A $ 426,750, showing an increase of 6.9% in annual dynamics (RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index).
Sydney – 475,000 AUD (+ 11.6%)
Melbourne – 450,000 AUD (+ 16.97%)
Adelaide – 355,500 AUD (+ 5.69%).
For more information on prices for Australian real estate, see the analytical portal –
1) Selection of an interesting property.
2) Signing a contract for the purchase of a property.
After choosing a particular property, it must be booked. For the reservation, a deposit of about 1% of the value of the property (depending on the conditions of the builders) is usually paid – about 1000 Australian dollars.
Further the contract is signed (in absentia by fax or in person) and the object is booked for 2 weeks.
The transaction must be approved by the Government Council for Foreign Investments. As a rule, developers themselves receive such permission. But in his absence, obtaining this permission under our recommendation does not cause problems.
3) Choosing the optimal payment scheme.
There are two main options:
– Payment of 100% of the value of the property.
– Obtaining a loan from an Australian bank (up to 70% of the value of the property).
Further, within two weeks, the following amounts must be paid:
1. If this is an unfinished object, then 10% of the contract amount. The remaining 90% – after putting the object into operation! If you need a loan, then you pay 20% (to the already introduced 10%) and for the remaining amount take a loan.
2. If it is a ready object for living, then all 100%. If you need a loan, the initial installment will be 30%, and the remaining 70% can be obtained on credit.
4) Transfer of ownership of real estate.
The final and main stage of the purchase of real estate is the transfer of ownership of real estate. The main condition at this stage is the closing of the financial balance under the contract. The day of final payment is preliminarily negotiated and entered into the contract upon its signing. The seller receives payment, and from now on you become the full owner of the purchased real estate!
5) Delivery of the property to operational management.
If you buy real estate for investment and profit, it is possible to conclude an agreement with a management company to manage your property. The company will provide rental and maintenance of the property in the proper manner.
The availability of real estate in Australia does not play a decisive role in the process of obtaining a residence permit and immigration. Although, of course, having your own roof over your head in this country is a positive factor in the issuance of visas, and maybe even in the citizenship of the country.
Australia, being one of the economically developed and stable countries of the world, is open to free immigration. In other words, almost any person with education and work experience can choose it as their place of residence.
Approximately 25% of people permanently residing in Australia are not citizens of Australia. These people, as a rule, have the status of “laquo; Permanent Australian Resident & amp; raquo; (in other words – in their national passport they have a valid permanent Australian visa or Permanent Resident visa), have practically the same rights as the citizens of Australia, enjoy life and do not experience anything.
Immigration to Australia or the acquisition of Australian citizenship is a rather complicated process. Quite a bit about this is written in the following material:
Australian citizenship & amp; laquo; return visas & amp; raquo;