Real estate and residence permit in Latvia.
Foreign individuals and legal entities can buy apartments, houses and commercial premises in the Republic of Latvia without any restrictions. There is a ban on the purchase of forest and agricultural land and sites in the border areas, as well as land in water protection zones.
After selecting a property in Latvia, you can make a deposit and sign a preliminary contract of sale, regulated by law. Further appeal to the notary for the execution of the main contract is not obligatory, to check the object for the legality of the submitted documentation, the existence of arrears, etc. it is possible to involve a lawyer who will prepare documents for surrender to the land service (Land Register), in which your property right will be registered. When buying a plot of land or a plot with a house, it is required to obtain permission from the local government.
Before the transaction in one of the local banks, the so-called & quot; account of the transaction & quot; is opened with which to provide a statement showing the transfer of ownership and transfer money to the seller. As you can see, the procedure for registering the rights to real estate is quite simple.
Acquisition of Latvian real estate in order to obtain a residence permit in Latvia.
Recently, the purchase of real estate in Latvia has gained special popularity among Russian citizens, due to the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Latvia, and actually in the European Union, for a period of five years, with the purchase of real estate worth approximately equivalent to 73,000 euros outside Riga and Riga planning region or the cost of about 143 000 euros in the capital of the Republic of Latvia and in the Riga region. At the expiration of a five-year term, provided there are no violations in the territory of Latvia and the EU, as well as if you stay in the territory of Latvia more than 180 days per year, there is an opportunity to apply for permanent residence in this Baltic country. It is noteworthy that members of your family (husband, wife and underage children) can also obtain a residence permit with you.
Turning to practitioners, you can not only buy an apartment or a house in a calm, European country, but also get a residence permit therein. A comprehensive package of services is always ready to offer to you employees of our company in St. Petersburg, as well as in Latvia itself.
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