Re-mapping the card is due to the change in the address of the card.
Mazowiecki Urz & d Wojew & oz; dzki w Warszawie, Wydzia & # 322; Spraw Cudzoziemc & o; w, Oddzia & # 322; Legalizacji Pobytu II, ul. Marsza & # 322; kowska 3/5, 00-624 Warszawa.
Mazowiecki Urz & d Wojew & oz; dzki w Warszawie.
NBP O / O Warszawa.
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Good afternoon! Tell me please! We’ve got a map of steel stolen. Received it in Szczecin propiska, too, from this city! And now we want to move to live in Warsaw. Question! If we get drunk in Warsaw, and have not yet changed our residence permit on the map and want to buy a car. Will they put it on the account with different addresses? Thank you!
Elina, good afternoon!
Answer your question I can not, because, unfortunately, we have not yet encountered the procedure for putting the car on the record. But, it seems to me that it’s best to change the card for a while, and then register the car. But the most accurate answer will be given to you in the client.
I would be grateful if you share your experience!
Thanks for the answer! How do you know immediately unsubscribe)) tell me, but you do not have articles in which areas it is better to live renting apartments in Warsaw))) well, any such))
Elina, and thank you!
There are no such articles, but you gave me a good topic for writing them. In the coming days I will try to touch on this topic.
In addition, I wrote you an e-mail about our experience of housing search
Tell, please, did you get a card without the address of the address indicated on it?
Katherine, thank you for reminding me! Indeed, she promised to report and forgot “# 8230;
Unfortunately, we did not succeed: we were told that if we have a meldunek, then the address of residence should be indicated on the map (although it is not clearly spelled out anywhere). In turn, we asked in what case the address can not be specified? To which we received the answer: only in the case of an official document (for example, the owner’s declaration of refusal to draw us).
Hello. Tell me such a moment & # 8212; a card and a propiska in one voice, and I change my residence permit to another voivodstvo! What are my first steps in what kind of organization should I initially go? Thank you.
Dmitry, good evening!
It is best to clarify this information by calling the host, or by writing to them on e-mail.
But I think that you need to go to the city of the city you are moving to (Cudzoziemcy, ktorzy przebywaja w Polsce na podstawie zezwolenia na pobyt czasowy, zezwolenia na pobyt staly lub zezwolenie na pobyt rezydenta dlugoterminowego UE skladaja wniosek o wymiane karty pobytu do wojewody wlasciwego ze wzgledu na miejsce ich pobytu), and there submit the necessary documents described in the article.