Railway crossing in Poland
1 part Brest – Warsaw.
To move from Brest to Warsaw you need to pass customs control, but you can go only half an hour before the departure of the train, to the corresponding station of the station. You will be checked by documents, there is no baggage inspection and you can board a car. The people are not going well and half will come off right after crossing the border in Terespol. In the same Terespol is already the Polish customs, customs officers will pass by the car and check the documents, baggage screening selective, they did not look into my suitcases.) In 40 minutes the train starts and no one will disturb you to Warsaw.
This was the best bus in my memory, all amenities were available: a toilet, a good Wi-Fi, as well as periodically carried buns, water with coffee and ice cream – it’s all free! The ticket price was 600 rubles. The journey takes about 5 hours. All the way Poland was pleased with its beautiful landscapes in the form of yellow meadows and green fields.
Then an unpleasant story happened to me, when landing, I submit my ticket, which I bought in advance for 3500 rubles over the Internet and which, in my opinion, was a ticket to the whole cabin, but they begin to explain that this ticket is only for boarding and I can safely go to choose any loose seat on the upper deck. Such a scenario of events did not suit me at all, for I was already tired and wanted to shower, dine and sleep in a soft bed under the sound of waves. And I was offered an alternative in the form of a sitting place in the common room, where it is clear that neither the soul nor the dream is good, nothing can be obtained. And if I still want my cabin, I was asked to buy it. After sending the ferry passes redistribution of free places between all comers. There was nothing to do and I had to roll another 4000 rubles for a separate cabin. So be careful and do not repeat my mistakes. By the way, the ferry is old, there are no special entertainments on board, there is also no internet, and even there is not a normal souvenir shop, there is only a small alcoholic-confectionery store in which alcohol itself is sold only the next day.