Quotas for immigration to Australia in 2013.
The Australian Government maintains an annual quota for immigrants under professional immigration programs to Australia. The applicant must have a confirmed identity from the list of acquired features – this is the main and the very first step in the process of immigration to Austria under the program of professional immigration.
The quota for immigration to Australia by occupation for 2012-2013:
Heads of companies or managing directors.
General directors of corporations.
Farmers growing cereals.
Farmers, growing various crops and livestock.
Managers of advertising and sales.
Managers for corporate services.
Human resource managers.
Managers of planning.
Managers of research and development.
Construction managers.
Specialists in import / export, wholesalers.
Supply managers.
Managers of childcare centers.
Social security managers.
Managers by education.
IT managers.
An officer from the number of civilian personnel (Management)
Soldiers under the contract.
Managers of cafes and restaurants.
Managers of campgrounds and trailer parks.
Managers of hotels and motels.
Managers of night clubs (clubs, whose activities are subject to licensing)
Managers (managers) of hotels.
Retail managers.
Managers of entertainment centers, fitness centers and sports halls.
Managers of call centers or support services.
Organizers of conferences and various events.
Managers in the field of transportation services.
Managers in the field of hotel business, retail and service.
Actors, dancers and other performers.
Artists and artisans.
Writers, editors of texts and scripts.
Directors for film, television and radio.
Auditors, company secretaries, treasurers.
Consultants and managers of financial investments.
Specialists in the selection of personnel.
Instructors in the field of IT.
Specialists in personnel training and development.
Actuaries, mathematics and statistics.
Archivists, curators and staff of the registry.
Analysts for intelligence and police.
Economists-consultants on transactions with land, appraisers.
Specialists in information and organizational work.
Specialists in advertising and marketing.
Specialists in sales in IT.
Specialists in public relations.
Sales representatives (technicians)
Specialists in the sphere of air transportation.
Specialists in the field of shipping.
Architects, landscape architects.
Cartographers and surveyors.
Dizaynerov clothes, industrial designers, designers of jewelry.
Graphic and web designers, illustrators.
Specialists in town planning and regional planning.
Engineers are chemists and material engineers.
Specialists in civil engineering.
Engineers in radio electronics.
Engineers-technologists, machine engineers and engineers in the organization of production.
The engineer of the extractive industry.
Specialists in the field of agriculture and forestry.
Chemists, food processing technologists and.
Geologists and geophysicists.
Employees of medical research laboratories.
Other specialists in the field of physics and natural sciences.
Educators for institutions of preschool education.
Primary school teachers.
Teachers of high school.
Teachers of the senior classes.
Teachers for children with disabilities.
Teachers of vocational education.
Consultants on education.
Private teachers and tutors.
Teachers of English as a foreign language.
Specialists in occupational diseases.
Other specialists in medical diagnostics.
Specialists in manual therapy, osteopaths.
Specialists in the field of health.
Specialists in occupational diseases.
General practitioners.
Other medical specialists.
Nurses-teachers and researchers.
Business and system analysts in IT.
Specialists in multimedia and web developers.
Programmers-developers of software.
Administrators of databases, system administrators, experts in cosmonaut security.
Specialists in servicing computer networks.
Support engineers and IT test engineers.
Specialists in the field of designing telecommunication systems.
Specialists in the field of jurisprudence and judicial relations.
Specialists in social work.
Techniques of agriculture.
Medical personnel (not attending)
Techniques of architectural, construction and topogeodesic works.
Technicians and planners of civil engineering.
Technicians and designers of electrical machinery.
Technicians and designers in the field of radio electronics.
technicians and designers in the field of mechanical engineering.
Safety inspectors.
Technical support services in IT.
Technical specialists in telecommunications.
Workers (casting, forging, metalworking)
Workers (work with sheet metal)
Workers (work with metal structures.
Specialists in metal processing.
Specialists in fine metal processing.
Instrumentalists and industrial lekalschiki.
Specialists in the manufacture of bodies for vehicles.
Specialists in the painting of bodies.
Bricklayers (stone and brickwork)
Carpenters and carpenters.
Specialists in the manufacture of floors.
Specialists in maintenance of air conditioners and refrigeration equipment.
Employee of the meat workshop (making meat semi-finished products)
Specialists in the care and training of animals.
Gardeners (lawn care)
Prepress workers.
Manufacturers of leather and canvas products.
Workers (textile production)
Workers (wood processing)
Operators of equipment for chemical, gas, oil refineries, as well as power plants.
Collateral galleries, libraries and museums.
Other technical personnel.
Doctors of ambulance, paramedics.
Specialist in recreational therapy.
Nurses (help with childcare)
Specialists in the health of indigenous people.
Specialists in manual therapy and massage.
Employees of the social security service.
Servicemen – any ranks.
Fire and rescue personnel.
Employees of the service of execution of punishment.
Driving instructors.
Conductors on transport.
Prosie specialists engaged in the service sector.
Sports trainers, instructors.
Managers of contract works, administrators of programs, projects.
Lawyers (transfer of real estate), judicial executors.
Clerks (courts, law firms)
Insurance investigators, insurance commissioners, auditors of insurance risks.
Other office staff and staff of the AHCH.
Auctioneers, trading agents (agricultural products)
Real estate agents.
Retail buyers, purchasers of wool.
Drillers, miners and explosives (mining)
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