Questions on recreation in the Canary Islands (Tenerife)
Periodically I read your forum, tk. Chukchi is not a writer, but rather a reader. I had a question about rest in Tenerife.
I have a vacation with my wife from August 28 to September 10. We go there for the first time. We want a direct flight – here only Aeroflot. The price of tickets is still tolerable)))
1. Travel alone. Book a hotel and rent a car.
2. Skate around the island, visit parks, attractions, beaches are different, visit the neighboring islands. In general, ride and swim.
1. Is it permissible to travel between the islands on a rented car and is there any ferry for cars at all?
2. In general, what are the distances between the islands and how long does it take to get there by ferry?
3. How big is the main island and do you really travel to it with a link to one hotel in order not to get tired or is it worth to book several hotels in different parts of the island?
4. The same situation with the movement between the islands, can also book hotels there for the night, so that something can be seen.
5. Hotels can not be very expensive, they are needed only to sleep and have breakfast in case of anything.
6. By car too – is it worth to book in local offices or is it more expensive and international?
7. There may still be some places, in addition to the main tourist, where you should look.
8. Maybe there are some other pitfalls?
In advance I apologize for confusion, tk. now just started to solve this issue.
Initially, the following options were proposed:
1. Thailand (Tao, Samui, etc.) – my wife was already there once, I was not – tickets are expensive, fly for a long time and with my height of 2 meters, I’ll just go nuts on the plane, and not so I’m ready for exotic, probably)))
2. About. Crete – it was, I was not. The option is cheaper much. It seems to me that there will be boring. Rest is something similar to Cyprus. And nature in Tenerife is more interesting.
Maybe there will be some suggestions, where else can I go?
A few years ago we had a similar experience:
I think the first idea of the island and trips to it on the car will tell my story.
Las Americas, I realized where, but Puerto is Puerto de Santiago?
We decided to travel only by Tenerife and can with an excursion to Homer, climb the volcano, see the whales.
Still such specification – the car is better at local rentakarov to take (Sikar, avtorajzen, etc.), leaves more cheaply than at the international. We want to take a car with an automatic box.
From the review of Cyril, it seemed to me that in Las Americas beaches are better than in Puerto, and America is more like a party 🙂
In Puerto de la Cruz is very cool! We lived there for a week and could have been longer (but in the south housing was already paid for). Did not swim, t. there were strong waves compared to the south – sunbathing, walking around the city, spent 2 days in Loro Park, went to Icod de las vinos with the Dragon-tree and the butterfly museum in Garachico.
In the south the beaches are better IMHO in Adeje, I liked the beach Duke, Las Americas to live would not advise non-colossal at all. The beach without waves – at the port of Colon, when the waves everywhere – there is quiet, El Bobo is not bad.
In general, Tenerife is great (3 weeks we did not have enough, the visa ended).
Traveled with children on buses, a well-developed bus network.
In general, Tenerife (as in other and other islands) does not tolerate haste and fuss. Everything is measured and measured there. We only planned our third visit to other islands. And so, like and the island is not very big – and every time you open it as anew. Las Americas is the south, a purely tourist destination. Puerto is the north. There, and the climate is different, and the ocean and the rest. You can divide: a little south, a little north.
We always take the car from Sikar (more precisely, Cabrera – it’s the same, only slightly cheaper). Always without problems – at the airport we receive, in the same place we rent. The roads on the island are a song.
Tickets from Aeroflot have already been purchased (cost this fun in 58,000 for two round-trip).
Still decided to stop somewhere in the south, but away from the noisy center. We will walk, by car or bus to get there. We are looking for an apartment, a house or apartments inexpensive, but such, apparently, only for TF-1 deep into the island. These are the Apartamentos Llano La Estrella. As I understand from the description of such places to Las Americas and other centers to reach easily. I look at Buking, I also have to look at Airbnb.
Apartamentos Llano La Estrella.
We proceed from the fact that the hotel is only needed for overnight stays. This is one of the bookings, at least for a visa). We are looking for more options.
Can you clarify the disadvantages?)))
We found inexpensive apartments there. Judging by the reviews, a good place.
My opinion: Well, it’s not at all convenient.
away from the noisy center.
We, for example, eat the second year in Caiao Salvaj, liked it there.
Tiho.Krasivo.Otel very little.One townhouses and villas.
The only thing: the beach no. But we go to Duke and others.
You can see Playa Paraiso.
To leave in the district of Los Gigantes, too, there is no sense. Dalekovato to go to the beaches.
Although there is beautiful. We even found excellent suites with a great airbnb view.
But still stopped at Salvah.No there is a car for the entire term.