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We fill in the application.
As I have said, the application for a Quebec selection certificate is the main document. It can be completed either in French or in English. It is desirable that all documents are prepared in one language. Download the English or French version of the application in PDF format and fill in the template below. Those wishing to do everything very nicely, can try to fill these applications on the computer. I did not succeed at once, I left this venture and filled everything by hand, it is allowed and most of the applicants fill it by hand.
All images are clickable, click and watch or save and use. The pictures are taken from this forum. This huge work was done by the user under the name Safira, for which she thank you so much.
Filled by the main applicant. Accompanying spouse fills all the same, only with his data, but in the column where it is indicated who accompanies him he does not enter the main applicant, only the children, and the main enters both the children and the trailer.
I ask you to pay attention that scans of the questionnaires were used, which were used until February 2, 2011. Syllables are given on the updated questionnaires. Scans of new questionnaires will be posted later. In the new questionnaires added fields for information about the online test, language test, availability and data of the lawyer, and broke up education and professional experience into two parts.
You indicated that the questionnaire data was changed to the following: fields for information about the online test, language test, availability and data of a lawyer,
How do I understand the online test on the official website of Quebec for immigration?
what kind of language test, and you can still put n / a ??
and where can I get data about a lawyer?
As far as I understand, we are talking about the 18th point, where the question is whether you passed a preliminary assessment of the Evaluation preliminaire d’immigration, this is an assessment of your chances. About the assessment of the chances we read here
If you yourself go through the whole process without attorneys and consultants, then put no, do not write any lawyer’s data; in 19 everywhere we set no. If the language tests did not pass and did not receive the appropriate certificates, then we note that they did not pass. This is clause 11.1.
Thanks for the quick response! We will try to serve.
You must provide:
& # 8211; Fully completed Applications.
& # 8211; List of profiles and documents that must be attached to your official application for immigration (in French)
& # 8211; Confirmation of payment made for consideration of your case.
I realized that all documentation must be in French and only on it.
Previously, I thought that you can submit documents in either English or French. Correct please if something is wrong.