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Higgins Fox Law Firm specializes in international business, corporate, tax and immigration law. Working with lawyers in more than 20 countries, we offer legal assistance to citizens of Russia and CIS countries, representing their interests abroad. Our lawyers have many years of experience in legal support of international transactions, registration of acquisition and sale of assets, obtaining and supporting immigration status, representing clients in judicial and other instances on three continents.
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Alexander Simonov.
Mr. Simonov is the managing partner of Higgins Cox in Russia and has more than 20 years of legal practice experience. Graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), with honors, since 1992 Mr. Simonov specializes in corporate and tax law, he is a member of the Russian Bar Association, has many years of experience worldwide, including Great Britain, Germany, USA, Cyprus , and the British Virgin Islands.
Wide choose.
Restaurant-pizzeria, located in the elite area of New York. Own room. Modern interior and new kitchen equipment. The Italian chief. Constant clientele. Service of corporate events. Turnover: $ 5.4 million
Shop-cafe for the sale of food products. Food products, own cooking. Kitchen on site. Delivery and maintenance of corporate events. Lease: 10 years. Parking. Turnover: $ 1.2 million
Auto Tow truck.
A company that provides car evacuation services. Municipal contracts and contracts with local auto services. Fleet: 15 evacuators in good working order. Own parking 0.5 ha. Turnover: $ 0.8 million
Montessori School.
Kindergarten & # 8212; school on the Montessori system & # 187 ;. A modern, fully equipped room. High reputation. Prestigious area. Necessary licenses are available. State: 24 people. Turnover: $ 1.4 million. A ransom is possible.
Waste Processing Center.
The waste recycling center: plastic, metal, glass, paper / cardboard. Equipment and fleet. Contracts for collection and sale. Warehouses and land. The possibility of building additional facilities. Railway branch on the territory.
Diagnostics Center.
The diagnostic center: radiology, computer and magnetic resonance imaging, rengen, ultrasound. Full range of research. Contracts with insurance companies and hospitals. Staff: 11 people. Turnover: $ 3.1 million
Car service.
Automotive service. All kinds of repair work. Fully equipped. In business since 1988. Contracts with insurance companies and auto dealers. Own tow truck. Tire and car wash. Staff: 14 people. Turnover: $ 2.8 million
Limousine Service.
Limousine service (VIP), serving New York and New Jersey and Connecticut. Own fleet: 32 cars. Turnover: more than $ 8 million per year. Corporate and private clients. Debugged dispatch system and advertising.
Installation of HVAC systems.
Sale and installation of air conditioning and heating systems. Systems for commercial and residential premises. The company exists since 1974. Earned clientele and supply. Turnover: $ 5.4 million per year. Staff: 15 employees.
Full list.
Request a complete list of businesses and franchises offered for sale in various regions of the United States. Call or write to our office, and our lawyers will prepare individual offers on the types of business that you are interested in.
Individual Offer.
If you could not find the business you are interested in in our database, or consider the transfer of your existing business to the US, our team of lawyers and business experts will help you realize your dream.
Further steps after the establishment of the corporation or LLC.
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What should you do after you have registered a corporation or LLC? We suggest that you consider the following steps. 1. Get an actual address or create a virtual office. Perhaps you want your business correspondence to come to an American address. Or to open an account, banks require that you have your own address (different from the address of the registration agent). Then you will need the service [& hellip;]
Maintain the work of your corporation or LLC.
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For your company, open in the US, to continue its normal operation, you need: To have a registration agent. Without this, you will not receive important legal documents and will not be able to file an annual report. In addition, if a lawsuit is filed against you, you risk losing the case because of failure to appear in court. Submit an annual report. It should contain updated information about owners, addresses, and [& hellip;]
Requirements for the creation of corporations and LLC in the United States.
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By choosing the company form and registration staff, you must meet a few more mandatory requirements to establish a corporation or LLC. 1. Decide on the name of the company. To verify the availability of the selected name in a particular state, use the search. 2. Get a registration agent. They can be an individual or a legal entity that has an actual address in the state of registration. It must be available [& hellip;]
Immigration for Investors and Entrepreneurs.
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The United States offers multiple visa options for businesses in this country. The L-1 Intracompany Transferee Visa, the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa, the O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa, and the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa are all good examples. L-1 Intracompany Transferee The L-1 visa is generally available to executives and managers, [& hellip;]
EB-5 Visa Through Buying a Franchise.
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The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa is a great option for foreigners looking to operate a business and to reside in the United States. To qualify, apply a foreign national must invest $ 500,000 or $ 1,000,000 in a new business in the United States. One way to do [& hellip;]
Common Forms of Business Organization.
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Business structure comes in four main types. They are Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, and Corporation. Each type has specific advantages and disadvantages. Sole Proprietorship Sole proprietorships are the least expensive and simplest business structure. To be a sole proprietor does not require incorporation of documents or public business notices. Depending on the occupation, someone [& hellip;]
Registration of Foreign (Out-of-State) Business Entity.
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Companies wishing to conduct business in the state of the world must be registered in the United States of America. business in. The company must also pay the necessary [& hellip;]