Provincial immigration programs in Canada.
Speaking of immigration to Canada, it is important to know that in addition to the general immigration program, many Canadian provinces have separate agreements with the federal government, according to which a particular province has its own provincial immigration program to Canada. This program usually reflects the needs of a particular region in specific specialists. Canada is a large and diverse country, therefore each region has its own priority development directions.
Often this is a simpler and more convenient way for those who are interested in rapid immigration to Canada. Provincial programs are prepared in accordance with the currently available vacancies, and a person who comes to the country under such a program will not have problems with employment.
So if your goal is Canada and immigration, provincial programs – this is what it makes sense to pay serious attention. We will consider only the main ones.
Program of the province of Alberta.
The province of Alberta, like most other provinces, accepts candidates who hold professions from a special list in the following cases:
If the candidate has a confirmed job invitation from the employer in Alberta; If the candidate has completed his studies (except for secondary education) in Alberta and has an invitation to work there; When a candidate has relatives in Alberta who are able to provide him with financial assistance; If the candidate has the opportunity and desire to buy his own farm in Alberta and he has experience managing such a farm.
Program of the province of British Columbia.
This program is characterized by a large number of requirements for the employer, who wants to employ a candidate. In fact, there are only two possibilities for emigration:
If you have a profession from an approved list and offer to work in British Columbia; If you want to open a business in British Columbia and are ready to invest in its economy the established amount of money, as well as create several jobs or buy an existing business. Moreover, there are requirements for both business types and performance results.
Thus, immigration to Canada under the provincial program of British Columbia requires a very serious approach to choosing an employer or serious material investment.
The program of the province of Manitoba.
The Manitoba program, like other provincial immigration programs in Canada, is built on the search for specialists needed by the region. But here are a few more options for the passage:
If you have close relatives or friends in Manitoba ready to give you the obligation to support you if you studied in Manitoba and worked there for more than 6 months and if you scored a certain number of balls on a special evaluation; When you already have a job offer in Manitoba, and the employer is ready to help you with moving and settling. And also if the employer proves that he could not find such a specialist in Canada itself; In case you are moving to your family that is ready to support you, and you yourself meet the requirements for age, education, knowledge of languages and profession; When you are a foreign student who has completed training in Manitoba and has an offer of employment there; If you have written confirmation from a community about your intention to support you in arranging and finding work. There is also an option in Manitoba for those who want to open their own business, including the requirement to have a certain amount of money and the desire to invest them in the economy of Manitoba. Here, you must also transfer the guarantee deposit to the account of the provincial government.
As we can see, immigration in the province of Canada is quite different depending on the specific region. There are many interesting options.
Program of the province of Saskatchewan.
The province of Saskatchewan is one of the most hospitable regions of Canada – it always requires specialists, and this can be seen from the variety of immigration program categories. Saskatchewan accepts immigrants if the candidate:
Has a specialty on the approved list, and has an invitation to work from an employer in Saskatchewan; He has close relatives in Saskatchewan who can help him settle down, and wants to reunite with them; He worked in Saskatchewan as a truck driver for over 6 months; Worked in Saskatchewan for a medical specialty for more than 6 months, and has the appropriate permission; He wants to start his own business in Saskatchewan. Requirements for availability of funds and experience, as elsewhere; He is an international student who studied in Saskatchewan and has an invitation to work; He wants to buy a farm in Saskatchewan and proves that he can cope with it; Worked in Saskatchewan for 6 months on a temporary permit in the specialty related to public catering. The so-called project “Hospitality”.
Even after considering the provincial programs of just four provinces, it can be argued that provincial immigration to Canada provides so many different options for those wishing to change their country of residence. It is also important to take into account that in the future, when you receive Canadian citizenship, you will be able to move to any province interesting to you, and continue to live there.
If immigration to Canada is a priority, the provincial program is a tangible opportunity to achieve the goal. And more detailed advice on the specifics of provincial programs you can get in our company MV GROUP, which specializes in this issue.