Quite often the visitors from our site ask the question: “Can I get permanent residence in Germany by buying German real estate?”
Alas, but the right to permanent residence does not follow from the ownership of real estate. However, do not rush to grieve. If you have purchased at least one-room apartment in Germany, it greatly facilitates the procedure for obtaining an entry visa, and you have a real opportunity to live up to 6 months a year in Germany in your own apartment, carrying out cognitive cruises around the countries of the European Union, and establish business contacts!
Being the owner of at least one-room apartment, you do not need to receive a guest invitation, issue a business visa or pay an unnecessary tour only for the sake of obtaining a Schengen visa.
Do I need to fulfill any additional prerequisites for this? Yes need. If you wish to receive full information about this, please contact us with the request: info & # 64; dont-want-spam & # 46; dont-want-spam ua and we will provide you with an exhaustive answer.
You not only can live in the apartment yourself, but also hand it over to your friends leaving the CIS for a short term trip to Germany, or, for example, to build new tourist routes through the “tour bureau”, using it as a capital investment. You can take it for a certain (fixed) period (from 1 to 12 months). This means that at your personal visit tenants who rent an apartment will have to leave it for the duration of your stay. You can simply rent it permanently to the residents of Germany, also making a good monetary investment. When renting an apartment you are guaranteed to receive from 7 to 10% of profit annually, which no European bank will be able to offer you!
But again the question arises: “Where can I get as much money and how to buy?” Let’s start with money. Now the German economy is in decline and this has significantly affected the entire real estate market.
If you take for comparison Hamburg (one of the most beautiful, comfortable and largest cities in Germany, representing a cultural and historical metropolis), then the square meter of housing will cost you from 800, – to 1.200, – Euro. And for 800, – Euro you can take an apartment in the center / city boundaries, near the metro and bus routes. There are also shops, mail and everything necessary for comfortable housing. Cleanliness, excellent roads and high quality of life – this is the norm for the inhabitants of Hamburg. This truly magnificent city is surrounded by dozens of lakes, parks and green spaces, not to mention the fact that it stands on the famous Elbe and is the world’s largest port.
Hamburg after the end of World War II took into its architecture the English and Dutch style. There are no high-rise buildings and most of the houses are from 1 to 5 floors, built of dark brown brick, covered with burnt tiles. Most of the houses are literally buried in greenery. One-room apartment in such houses (35 sq. M.) You will cost from 28.000, – to 35.000, – Euro.
For clarity, compare the prices for the secondary real estate in Kiev, Moscow or St. Petersburg and you will understand that the apartments in Germany are bought “for free”. On the comparison of the quality of the Kiev new building and German real estate – there can be no question. Such a favorable situation on the German real estate market will not be eternal. Do not miss your moment! We are ready to help you in this!
Taxes when buying real estate in Germany.
If you are determined to buy an apartment or a house in Germany, it should be noted that in addition to the specified Netto sales price, the purchase of real estate is accompanied by additional costs.
First, 90% of the sales of housing are made through a broker. Maklerovsky Provision provides, as a rule, 6% of the value of real estate. We say “as a rule”, because this provision can vary from 4 to 8% (depending on how liquid and demanded housing is). In addition, the price can include 19% VAT, and may not be included. Therefore, the services of brokers in almost all cases are conditional in price formation.
Secondly, when buying real estate, the buyer pays a one-time tax on the purchase, so-called. & quot; Grunderwerbsteuer & quot ;. It is 3.5% of the value of real estate in all federal states.
Thirdly, the legal costs of Gerichtskosten when registering a property right are on average 0.5 to 0.7% of the cost and are paid once as well.
Fourthly, an annual land tax Grundsteuer is provided, averaging 0.5% of the cost.
Fifth, notarial costs are 1.5% + 19% VAT. This fee is collected only for the certification of the contract of sale. In addition, it is charged from 1.0 to 1.5% of notarial costs: drawing up a contract, interpreting services and issuing title documents.
Therefore, in addition to the price for the purchase, you must provide from 12 to 15% of the costs for the broker, state taxes and notary services.
Compensation for the above costs can only be done by lowering the selling price of bargaining.
The average price for real estate (according to Hamburg) is from 900, – to 1,200, – Euro per square meter. One of the elite districts in Hamburg is considered such areas as Blankenese, Ottmarschen, Winterhude, Poppenbuttel. In them the prices range from 1,500, – to 3,000, – Euro per square meter. It is a quiet, perfectly clean part of the city, drowning in woodlands and parks. As a rule, there live cultural figures, politicians, businessmen and. practically do not live foreigners.
The main criteria for buying a home are the following parameters:
Location of the object. Particularly prestigious is the park area in the city and a quiet area. If there is a view of the forest or water. Achievements of the city center by car in 15-20 minutes.
The second city is Munich. However, this city is famous for the “monsoon”, causing headaches and “high prices”. In Munich, there are about 100 thousand Russian-speaking population.
The third city is Berlin. It has about 500 thousand Russian-speaking population. However, it is more cultural than a business center. Berlin is not clean enough and the legacy of “East Berlin” significantly darkens its architecture. The fourth city is Frankfurt am Main. This city is more for business people. Especially prestigious is the satellite of Frankfurt, the city of Wiesbaden. In it there is a Russian church, built by Tsar Alexander, rich mansions and residences.
It is necessary to remember that during the fourth wave of immigration, more than 3.5 million people, the former USSR, entered Germany. In Germany, they are all considered “Russian”, although the ethnic composition is Russian Germans, Jews, Ukrainians, Russians and their families, etc.
If you are determined to buy yourself a good apartment or house – we can pick you up any option. Of course, we give preference to our Hamburg, but if you like another city – this is not a problem.
We not only can pick you up any option of real estate, but also complete the transaction and the title documents.