Professional immigration to Australia.
Professional immigration to Australia involves moving to a permanent place of residence in Australia for professionals under the age of 50 years who have a good knowledge of English and have experience in the profession. 70% of people coming to Australia permanently reside in the program of professional immigration.
To date, there are several areas of professional immigration to Australia:
independent immigration immigration through state, territory or Australian relative sponsorship immigration through employer sponsorship immigration for alumni of Australian educational institutions through a temporary immigration visa for graduates of some foreign educational institutions through a temporary visa.
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Independent immigration to Australia.
The process of selection for this visa is a system of scoring: points are awarded for age, education, work experience, knowledge of English and so on.
Age to 50 years. Qualification from the list of professions for immigration. Knowledge of English is not lower than IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent)
Additional points can be obtained for:
education at an Australian educational institution, work experience level of education living and learning outside of major cities in Australia, fluency in the language of one of the Australian ethnic communities (language proficiency required) for the spouse if it (a) meets the basic requirements for obtaining a visa.
Immigration through the sponsorship of the state, territory or a relative residing in Australia.
For immigration, it is necessary that the applicant’s specialty be in the main list of professions for immigration, if sponsorship provides a relative, or in an additional list of professions for immigration, if sponsorship provides staff / territory. Qualification confirmation for Australia is also a mandatory procedure for this type of visa.
This category can be divided into 2 options:
Option 1: Practically no different from the independent immigration described above. For the availability of sponsorship from the state / territory, additional points are accrued. Relatives can not in this case act as sponsors.
Option 2: Immigration through sponsorship from a relative in Australia or Australian state / territory for residence and work outside of major cities. For this type of immigration, an additional 10 points are accrued. Obtaining a permanent visa takes place in two stages: the first stage – a temporary visa for 4 years, the second stage – a permanent visa (in 2 years, if the requirements of a temporary visa).
Immigration to Australia through sponsorship from the employer.
Be younger than 50 years. Have sufficient qualifications in the specialty (education and / or work experience), in some cases, confirmation of qualifications from the evaluation commission of Australia. Have an invitation to work on a specialty from the list of professions of the Immigration Department, for a minimum of 3 years with payment in accordance with Australian law. Demonstrate knowledge of the English language is not lower than IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent).
For employers outside of large cities and employees hired by them, there are some indulgences to the requirements for obtaining a visa, for example, the duration of the contract should be at least 2 years and others.
In most cases, employers are cautious about the invitation of unfamiliar foreign specialists for permanent work, therefore, the most preferable scheme is the hiring of an employee first on a temporary work visa, but only after a permanent one.
Immigration for graduates of Australian educational institutions through temporary visas.
There are two main options:
Option 1. If the specialty is included in the main list of professions for immigration, the applicant can apply for a temporary visa of 18 months, for gaining experience in Australia or improving the knowledge of the English language. At any time of the validity of this visa, when you reach the required score for professional immigration, you can apply for a permanent visa.
Option 2. If the specialty is not on the list, then a temporary visa for a period of 2 to 4 years (depending on the education received).
The basic conditions for obtaining this type of visa:
Be younger than 50 years. To complete a course in an Australian school lasting at least 2 years. Apply for a visa application no later than 6 months after the end of the training course.
Confirm the qualification in the relevant appraisal organization. Demonstrate that the graduate does not gain the required score for professional immigration.
The received education should be not lower than the bachelor’s degree. Demonstrate proficiency in English at a level no lower than IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent).
Immigration for graduates of foreign educational institutions through temporary visas.
Be under the age of 31. Demonstrate knowledge of English at least IELTS 6.0 for each of the aspects of the test. Apply for a visa within 2 years after graduation.
For more information on the process of qualification confirmation, see the Confirmation of qualification page.