I marvel at the sky.
House with chimeras on Bank Street in Kiev. Architect Vladislav Gorodetsky (Pole Leszek Wladyslaw Horodecki, 1863-1930) built many buildings in Kiev. After the arrival of the Bolsheviks, he emigrated to Iran, where he also built something – the building of Shams Pahlavi (the daughter of the Persian Shah Reza Pahlavi) in Shah’s palace of Saadabad in Tehran, a hotel in Gachsar, north of Tehran. It’s somehow strange to leave Kiev for Tehran, quite another civilization.
Napriklad, polivska buva bula is broadened in Kam’yanskiy (at the time Dniprodzherzhynsk) in the 1950s, where chomus lived bagatoes of Poles. My father in the school class (when he went there at the kopotkovu school) buno, for yogo words, “ten” cotton-poles. Alec is not meant, but Dniprodzhirsk “rozmyvav Poland.” So itself in Dnipropetrovsk Bagato �vre�v rozmovolo �dish. Alezh zec is not meant, scho here is russia vitisn�la �dish.
in Tallinn and Riga.
I zagzhdi I’ll guess in the clich of the voice of the father of seminarist Dzhugashvili, zokrem, “Georgian mosov.” For the tsar the Georgians can bump in their moov, Ukrainians – ni. ϳ��� �������� 17 ������ 1905 �. still allowed, with a little crochet wings to Austria, zbornu zaboronili, “shob do not oppose separatism.” At the Bosch Austro-Ugorshchin was fighting chimalo Ukrainians, yak at the warehouse of the volunteer Legion UTS so and in the other parts. ³��� ����� ������� � �������� ������������ �� �� ���������.
The actual fact – 1918 rock Austrias Viskas stood, zokrema, in Katerinoslavia, far away from the old Galician (by Zbruch) cordon.
At that time, the Eminent Ireland were afraid to navigate the most Irish accent in English. Opriklad, Oscar Wild, I have a moscow to catch up to the “Irish writers”, in youth I tried to improve my work with the accent.