Procedure for registration of residence permit in Italy.
Often travel to Italy for many Russians ends with the desire to settle in this beautiful country for a long time. Stay here for more than three months is due to the need to obtain permits that give grounds for legal stay in the country. The residence permit is of real value for the residents of Russia, who prefer vivid impressions and travels without borders, a diversified stable business, incomes an order of magnitude greater than at home, the indisputable advantages of the life of highly developed European countries. Of no small importance is qualitative and in many respects free medicine, social guarantees, time-tested legislation, prestigious modern education, security in all spheres of life, an excellent climate, which is generally defined as a high quality of life.
The document “permesso di soggiorno & # 187; or residence permit gives the right to officially stay in the country to Russian tourists for 90 days or more. It is issued by the territorial Questor on the basis of the visa “D” and provides for three types of permits, taking into account the right or lack of it for labor and educational activities.
The residence permit, which only provides for the right to work, gives a good chance in life for Russians who are ready to organize their own legal business or work for hire in an Italian company. The first option involves confirmation of financial solvency in the organization of its own enterprise, the second – a formal agreement from a potential employer. The residence permit with the right to simultaneous study and work allows students to additionally earn additionally 20 hours a week, without prejudice to the learning process. VNZH without the right to work, is intended for homeowners in Italy, as well as for the reunification of family ties. In addition, Russians are required to demonstrate the existence of sufficient funds for an acceptable standard of living on their accounts, an average of about 50-100 thousand euros. The total annual income of the applicant for this type of legal stay must be at least 17800 euros. In the second case, the applicant from the Russian Federation must document the family ties by providing documents on marriage, birth, adoption.
How to get a Russian residence permit in Italy?
Qualification and experience of our company’s specialists allow choosing the best option for legal moving and living in Italy, avoiding “pitfalls” and problems in the process of filing and obtaining such a welcome permission that Russians inevitably encounter when passing the standard procedures. We know for sure the shortest path to Italy for Russians and are ready to offer on mutually beneficial terms.
In accordance with the migration law of Italy, the official opportunities to stay in the country for a limited time for Russians are classified as follows:
if there are actual quotas for foreign workers, labor migrants from Russia in demanded occupations can count on work depending on the needs of the labor market – type of permission “lavoro subordinato”; independent labor activity in different forms and scales is possible if the candidate is the founder of the company or simply an entrepreneur – the type of authorization “Lavoro autonomo”; for highly qualified Russian specialists of especially valuable for Italy specialties a simplified entry and a special permit for temporary residence “Carta BLU UE” are opened; the reunification of the integrity of the international family takes place in accordance with the requirements of the “ricongiungimento familiare”; study, the format of which allows students to work out a maximum of 20 hours a week – “studio” allows you to further extend your residence permit on new grounds, with legal work on the specialty in the framework of annually updated quotas.
To obtain and extend this status, the knowledge of Italian is not provided by law. First of all, in order to obtain the required type of permission, it is necessary to properly register and file an application. It’s easy to do in the police department at the place of residence, send by mail.
On a note! The view that the acquisition of real estate gives the Russians the right to residence permit in Italy, is mistaken. Possession of real estate gives the right to multivisa and limits the scope of stay for 90 days in a half year. Often this possibility is confused with the form of residence permits that is more convenient for foreigners on the basis of the “chosen residence” (Italian residenza elettiva).
List of necessary documents.
The package of papers that need to be attached to the request depends entirely on the type of residence permit. You will necessarily need a personally signed statement, as well as many other references:
take care of applying for a birth certificate; you need to present a valid passport; attach several photos of the desired format; it is necessary to acquire a stamp of state duty for sending the application at the post office; specify the validity period of the certificate on the absence of a criminal record; do not forget to attach a document on the ownership of the housing, in its absence, issue a certificate of rent.
Be prepared for significant costs and time. It will take a lot of information, each of which must be translated, assured by the methods indicated in the migration rules.
Term of registration and validity of residence permit.
The permissible period of legal stay in the country entirely depends on the type of permissive papers and the grounds for their clearance:
one-time seasonal work & # 8212; up to 270 days; participation in various training programs and events & # 8212; up to 360 days; for traders, employees, if necessary, family reunification, the initial period is increased to 24 months.
On average, the period during which a Russian can expect legalization in Italy is several months. A month after filing an application and sending documents from the applicant from the Russian Federation, he is waiting for an interview in the migration service with mandatory fingerprinting, checking the package of documents. After successfully passing the test after a couple of months, you can also obtain the permission of this sample.
Cost of registration of residence permit.
The financial side of the solution of the issue can fluctuate in fairly wide limits, depending on the type of authorization, length of stay in the country and the form of the request, documents. The minimum fee for the registration procedure can be 100-200 euros. Additionally stamp duty is paid, postal services about fifty euros. In general, the cost of residence permit is determined by the total amount of expenses for the organization of relocation and residence, the numerous formalities arising on this path, and can amount to tens of thousands of euros.
Advantages of residence permit in Italy.
Getting a residence permit in Italy involves some difficulties, but in the end the applicant receives significant advantages:
stay in the country for 5 years and longer & # 8212; practically unlimited; significant benefits in real estate transactions; free financing in local banks; the opportunity to open and successfully run your own business; legally work for any national company; buy, sell, register transport.
The main advantage of the permit – a temporary residence permit gives the Russian an opportunity to obtain permanent residence, and then the official citizenship of a developed and prosperous European country.
Attention! Today, applicants of residence permit from Russia sign an agreement with the authorities, within the framework of which during the two-year stay the non-resident receives points for various indicators, taking into account the behavior, language proficiency, educational level, rent, housing and others. At the end of the period by counting, the social contract is recognized as fulfilled, and legal residence is extended for a similar period, or is considered unsatisfactory – in this case, expulsion from the country threatens.
Other possibilities of moving to Italy.
Given the difficulties of obtaining residence permit in Italy, Russians should think about alternative ways, more accessible and operational, in terms of the result. The opportunity to live in Italy absolutely legally with all the pleasant consequences allows for simple procedurally and financially accessible citizenship of Romania, which our company can help to arrange with a high degree of assurance and efficiency. The acquisition of Romanian citizenship entitles you to comfortable living, legal employment and doing business in any EU country, with much less cost and as soon as possible.
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