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Cost of living in Canada & mdash; in different regions is different. In Vancouver and Toronto, living is much more expensive than in Ottawa or Halifax. The cost of living in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia is significantly higher than in other areas. The overall price level in this country is quite high and surpasses even the neighboring US.
Arrival in Canada with a stop in campsites or hostels with self-cooking and using only public transport will cost 90 kan. dollars per day (1 kanar dollar is equal to 1 US dollar).
To stay in a decent hotel with a car rental in cafes and restaurants, as well as visiting excursions, you will need from 150 to 200 dollars a day.
In a medium class hotel, a comfortable double room costs 80-90 CAD, inclusive with breakfast. Rent a car per day will cost 40-50 CAD.
Prices in Canada for products.
The price of food products in this country is comparable with the Western European level. Let’s quote the prices of some products for 1 kilogram:
beef tenderloin & mdash; 14 sax sausages & mdash; from 6 to 7 ��� minced beef & mdash; from 7.5 to 8 spaghetti cada & mdash; from 2.5 to 3 CAD rice & mdash; 3-4 CAD flour & mdash; 4.5 Sad ketchup Heinz & mdash; 4 CARD sugar & ndash; 1.5 CAF coffee & mdash; from 3 to 4 CAD tea packing (100 sachets) & mdash; from 6 to 8 cada bananas & mdash; 1.6 ���.
The average cost of a beer mug in a bar is 5 CAD. In the store, beer costs from 2 to 4 CAD per liter. A bottle of wine in the store costs 12-20 CAD.
Prices in Canada for staple foods in different cities.
The cost of some food products is:
lunch in an inexpensive cafe for 1 person: 11-15 SAD dinner in an average restaurant for 2 people from three dishes: 50-70 SAD 1 liter of milk: 2-3 CAD bread: 2-3 CAD 12 pcs. eggs: 3-3.5 CAD 1 kg of cheese: 9-12 CAD 1 kg of chicken breasts: 8-9 SAAD apples 1 kg: 2.5-3 CAD 1 kg of oranges: 2-3 CAD 1 kg of potatoes: 1-1.5 CAD mineral water 1.5 l: 1.8-2.4 ��� average wine 1 bottle: 13-16 ��� beer 0.5L (local): 2.5-3 ���.
Prices in Canada for services and goods.
Goods and services in this country are:
toilet soap (piece) & mdash; 1.5 CAD washing powder (2.5 kg) & mdash; 7.3 CAD shampoo (300 ml) & mdash; 4 SAD visit to the doctor & mdash; 100 CAD aspirin package & mdash; 7 ���.
Relatively expensive and public transportation in Canada. On average, the cost of a ticket for one trip to the metro, bus, or tram will be from 2 to 3 CAD per country.
For example, in Vancouver one ticket (for one zone) costs 2.6 CAD, for two zones & ndash; 3.9 ���, and 5.2 ��� & # 8212; into three zones. Tickets are valid for 1.5 hours. On weekends or on weekdays after 18.30 tickets cost 2.6 CAD for all zones. A ticket for an unlimited number of trips per day will cost 9.4 CAD.
The price for a ticket for public transport in Toronto will be 3 CAD. There are discounts for the number of trips. So 5 trips will cost 12.5 CAD, and 10 trips will cost 25 CAD. The main vehicle in Ottawa & mdash; this is a bus, the ticket price here is 3.4 CAD.
Traveling in a taxi (5 kilometers) in various cities of Canada will cost from 10 to 18 CAD. For example, a trip to the center of Ottawa from its international airport will cost 30 SAD. Get to Pearson Airport in the center of Toronto will cost 55-60 CAD. For taxi drivers in Canada, there is a traditional system of paying extra tips in the amount of 10-15% of the cost of the trip.
Prices in Canada for some services and goods in different cities.
The cost of services and goods is respectively in the cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver:
a pack of cigarettes Marlborough: 10-12 SAD / 9-11 SAD / 10-11 SAD travel in public transport: 3 SAD / 2.7-3 SAD / 2.5-3 SAD gasoline: 1-1.4 SAD / 1.15-1.4 SAD / 1.15-1.4 CAD monthly utility bills (electricity, water, gas, garbage): 180-250 CAD / 120-170 CAD / 140-200 CAD mobile call (1 minute): 0.15-0.3 CAD / 0.15-0.25 CAD / 0.25-0.5 SAD jeans (& lavis 501 & raquo;): 70-80 SAD / 55-60 SAD / 55-65 SIDE running shoes Nike & raquo ;: 100-130 SAD / 90-100 SAD / 100-130 SAD leather shoes (for men ): 130-160 ��D / 100-130 ��� / 100-140 ���.
Most stores in Canada tend to operate a round week from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 18 hours. Shopping centers in the cities are open until 21 hours. There are also plenty of 24-hour shops and shops.
The price of gasoline in Canada is averaged 1.25 CAD per liter, and diesel fuel costs & mdash; 1.15 ���.
Prices in Canada for real estate and rental housing.
Depending on location and state, prices vary in the value of real estate in Canada. The most expensive for the level of housing prices are the cities of Toronto and Vancouver. To rent in them a normal two-room apartment will have to pay in the first & mdash; 1200 ���, and in the second & mdash; 1350 ���. The purchase of a separate house with an area of 200 m 2 will cost respectively 410 and 640 thousand CAD.
One of the cheapest are the provinces of Saskecevan, New Braunsvik and Quebec. For example, in Halifax, a house of 200 m 2 will cost 250 thousand CAD, a similar housing in Montreal & mdash; in 285 thousand CAD. Renting an apartment from two rooms in these cities will cost 600 and 800 CAD respectively.
The cost of buying or renting apartments.
The cost of buying or renting apartments in various cities (respectively Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) will cost:
price of 1 square. meters of apartments in the sleeping area: 3500-4500 ��� / 1800-2200 ��� / 5000-5500 �AD price 1 sq.m. meter of the apartment in the center: 6000-7000 ��D / 2500-3500 ��� / 7000-7500 ��D monthly rent one-room apartment in the sleeping area: 850-1000 ��D / 600-700 ��� / 1000-1100 ��D rent for a month one-room apartment in the center: 1200-1400 ��� / 800-900 ��� / 1200-1400 ��D rent per month two-bedroom apartment in sleeping areas: 1500-1800 ��D / 1000-1300 ��� / 1800-2100 ��D rent three-room apartment in the center of the city: 2000-2500 ��� / 1400 -1700 ��� / 2500-3000 ���.
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