It’s time to bring down? Emigration from Russia.
7. Uncontrollably high cost of living.
In Canada, there are not enough practitioners.
Yes, there is a shortage of doctors.
[Sarcasm off]
5. Very high taxes.
3. Lack of culture.
It’s unclear why the American culture exists, and the Canadian culture does not? Can it be easier to remember about multiculturalism? What? There is no such word? Cultura-mul’tura it should be one and only birch?
Is it so important? When did you last eat Vatican food? Canadian cuisine is a buffet. Come and choose for every taste, than it is bad?
Do not forget your roots, remember.
There are things an order of magnitude higher, you hear.
2. Disgusting weather.
Hahahaha! It’s good that you do not even have to refute it. Everything is clear and categorical – the “worst in the world”!
There are many fields and rivers in it.
The weather is so terrible and disgusting that many Canadians leave their country for one reason alone.
Yes exactly. There is no work from coast to coast.
On this tragic note, the reasons for not going to Canada end. I do not see much point in switching to a serious regime and telling that in Canada everything is not so smooth, not everything is so convenient, not everything is as good as it might seem. I will not stress that any sane person understands this perfectly and in most cases is ready for change, for a new way of life, for the complexities and difficulties of adaptation. I will not recommend that you carefully study the questions of interest on reliable and worthy of attention sources, and not on the yellow press and sucked articles from the finger. I will not justify myself and fight off pseudo-patriots who do not understand and will never understand the reasons why people leave for other countries. I will not once again state my position that “the motherland is not the anchor” and “starting with yourself, staying and starting to improve here” is not always an intelligent way of life.
Patriotism and nostalgia.
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Re: Everyone has the right to live where he wants,
In Alberta there is no GST, but there is a temperature in winter to -60 practically our Tyumen.
A resident of Alberta.
Sweeter carrots probably did not go and except his mehodrishchensk was nowhere. You made my Friday!
Today, when I make a barbecue in my backyard, I will remember how hard it is for me to chew in a foreign land and scrupulously buy a man’s tear.
I wonder if all 140 million (despite this heinous campaign) still.
will be sent to Canada, then Canada will remain Canada. 🙂
kiev vs toronto.
you are forced to pay for housing, for electricity, for tel.
“3000 $ after taxes and -1500 $ mortgage, -500 $ loan for the car, -500 $ communal and remains $ 1000 as in the Rashka.”
After reading this delirium, I always wonder, is there free communal apartment, apartment and car in Raschke (let’s even miss the bradied ones that are shown as minimal ones)?
why do all of you are so screwed up by another opinion?
where is the vaunted tolerance?
Well, not everyone likes Canada.
Someone likes Russia.
We lived for three years in a very cozy apartment in a good condo near the lake for 1100, went to work to the other end of the city. Excellent cope for one salary.
I disapprove of that.
Re: I disapprove of that.
“It’s time to pour” into the social. networks.
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