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Thank you very much for your answer.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 31.03.2012 at 01:56.
Not at all, always happy to help!
Thank you very much, Olga. I have another question. The first permesso is given for two years, right? Before getting this permesso, I can go from Rome to Russia for two weeks, for example? On your tourist visa? Or until I get a perm, should I be in Italy? And yet, after two years can I apply for citizenship? If, for example, a husband wants to divorce and submit to a separation, it turns out I’m not going to give money? Also very exciting for me question .. In general, in short, I’m interested if something goes wrong, so that I could stay in Italy in any case. Thank you!
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 31.03.2012 at 01:53.
Dear Stella, if you have a valid visa, then you can leave and drive. The main thing is that the visa is not one-time. You can try to travel along the richevut, but, as I said before, sometimes when you leave Ukraine or Russia, if you do not already have the perm, which you extend, you can be stopped and not allowed to enter. Be careful with that. You can apply for citizenship in three years if there are no common children. If your husband will file for the separation, then this is not a problem, since before the registration of the divorce you are officially considered his wife and must pass three years from the moment of separation to divorzio. A residence permit for family reasons can be converted into a work permit. Do not worry!
Dyakuyu Olga for viewing. I do not get stuck in Italia, I do not get hurt, I do not have dodom at the wait, I’m so rosy, I’ve been registered to the Courier, Courses of the nurses, I can sweat quietly without any problems. De I can for the course, and yak is approximate. Every time you and I are in Pavlova, you will be wooing an over-the-top robot for people. God give you health “I.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 31.03.2012 at 01:52.
You did not say in which city you live, where are you going to enroll in the courses?
Hello, please help with the information. I’m going to marry in Italy, but my fiance just got divorced. He says that he can immediately remarry. Should not it take some time after the divorce? I read that only after 300 days. Is it true or not? Thank you.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 30.03.2012 at 12:15.
If your fiance really divorced, then he can marry at least the day after the divorce. In Italy, there is one feature in divorces. Initially done separazione (permission to separate residence). Our dear Italians often use this, declaring that they are “divorced”, formally this is so, but they can not marry in the status of a separatist. After this, must pass a minimum of 3 years and can be submitted to divorzio, that is, the actual divorce. What he means is that he is divorced, only he knows. If there are acquaintances in his city, ask them to ask in the municipality a certificato contestuale (certificate as of the current moment), there it will be clearly written how things are. I hope you have known your Italian for a long time and understood that everything they say should usually be divided into two (if not from the South), and if he is a Southerner, then listen to my advice. Good luck!
Hello! My permesso ends in a month, worked in Italy on a contract, but 2 years without a contract. I came home in the winter, now I want to go, to extend permesso. Am I right to cross the border.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 30.03.2012 at 12:14.
If your permesso has not expired, then you can drive into the territory of Italy. I would not begin to pull this, because after the expiry of the residence permit for more than 60 days, it is almost impossible to extend it.
Hello! Read that issued a decree on seasonal work, please tell me whether it is possible to issue documents for work to come work legally and if so, what should I start and what are the chances of getting a visa?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 30.03.2012 at 12:13.
By seasonal flux is really to come to work. But for a short time, after that the residence permit is not renewed. To do this, you need to find an employer who will make a personal request to you and get a work visa (nulla osta) after that, you get a visa, enter, work and leave. the scheme is quite simple.
Many thanks to you Olga.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 30.03.2012 at 12:13.
We are glad if we could help you!
Forgive, and more: to design on the flux is still still in Italy?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 30.03.2012 at 12:12.
To go through the flux, the employee must be in the country from which it is called. Or, as a last resort in Italy on a legal position (for example on a visitor’s visa), but after that it is still necessary to leave the country and get a working visa for the null.
Dobriy vechir Olga. Dyakuyu for such a site. I rule illegally Badanthe �� ����. Teper 07. Quoting ydu z roboti. Robotavazov syogodn� nyniknuv, scho go to karabinbenev writers doonchu. I do not know how to robit, it’s a document. Ale in mye here – my babtsya, there vzhe 15 rockiv in Italy, tsemeni as if before. �� ����� � ���� ��������. I read it right there on the kursi nurse, you can get a perm on the navodnia period. De vznati for the course.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 30.03.2012 at 12:09.
Dear alisa, then you are sad without documents, you can not register for state courses as a nurses, and after taking private courses you will have to leave the territory of Italy immediately after passing the courses. By the sanatorium, I wrote in previous posts. You are already here and can wait for the sanatorium. As for the statement to the carabinieri by your employer, I would not particularly worried. If he declares you, he will declare himself too. The use of illegal labor is a criminal offense, in addition, he will pay a fine of 5,000 euros.
How is this anything consolatory? At me that all so is sad? on the contrary cheered up. I guess I still do not understand. You wrote about the sanatorium, but then I read on the site that it is not going to release it yet. Now there is a flux for seasonal work, and if I’m in Israel, then where does the employer have to invite me from Israel, or from Ukraine? Seasonal work, this is what 3 months ?, and then what? You can not stay on a study visa either? Some kind of vicious circle. I just do not understand, how do people enter the fraudulent way, and then legalize? Here, like, and I can enter without problems, and is 3 months legal, and stay where there is. but you say nothing comforting. Now I’m confused. So which method is the most acceptable for me?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 30.03.2012 at 12:08.
Now, it seems to me that we understood each other. The situation is not so optimistic. You can come and stay difficult. As for the sanatorium, it will be possible to say only after the official publication of the decree, and it is necessary to have an employer in Italy who says that you worked illegally with him (questions with a stamp about an entry in the passport) and pay an administrative fine. According to the fluxes, you must be called from the country of residence, if you live in Israel, then from there. But about the fluxes, I already said, it’s only a short time – and then?
Good afternoon! Olga, tell me please, whether there is a need to make out a medical certificate, if any, what form. I’m going to Italy to study at a language school for 9 months. There is not a single word on this website. Sincerely.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 28.03.2012 at 22:51.
At registration of documents on study there is no necessity for medical certificates. There is a need for medical insurance, it must cover medical expenses for 30 000 Euro. Or you can make a “voluntary entry” to the local ASL upon arrival in Italy, but also for a fee.
Zdravtsvuyte again. In the accredited visa centers, if it is not Moscow you can take an apostille? Irina.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 28.03.2012 at 22:51.
Apostille is placed in the Ministry of Justice or in the registry office at the place of initial registration of documents. That is, if you were born in Saratov, for example, put an apostille in the registry office of Saratov, even if you live in Ufa. The visa application center for apostills has nothing to do with it.
Hello, thank you very much for the consultation. I have 3 more questions, I have not found accredited visa centers in Italy, except for Moscow, of course. Do you know if there are visa centers like Ufa, Kazan for Bashkortostan? And another question, the child’s father must write permission to leave for a period of time or just for the duration of the mother’s work abroad without specifying the date? The first decree on the decree of the flux is given for how long? Thank you Irina.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 28.03.2012 at 22:49.
Official visa centers in addition to the embassy in the Russian capital and the consulate in St. Petersburg are engaged in visa centers opened in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Lipetsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara. On the official site of the Visa Center of Italy in Moscow (http://www.italy-vms.ru/ru/content/117.htm) you can find the addresses and phone numbers of all branches, as well as get acquainted with information on issues related to obtaining various visas . The father must give permission for the entire period of the child’s stay in Italy, or for his final export. When you go to a notary, he will give an exact formula for the design of this document. On the flux can give a PDS for a year or two years, depending on what the employer indicated in the form for the receipt of the nulla osta. Now almost everyone is given the first pda for one year.
hello, tell me please what are the consequences for me waiting at the airport, at the border, because I ended the perm on a work visa, the contract for work is over and I’m not going to work anymore, I want to go home to Russia !!
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 28.03.2012 at 22:48.
The deportation can be put on the border. Although in general they are so happy that someone voluntarily leaves the country that they do not. Then the human factor is important – if you caught a scandal with an expired visa, but smile and ask to be let go in peace. It is better not to fly through Rome, there not to break through, and so the main thing is not to be afraid and to pass control calmly – in the end, they will not shoot the same.
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Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 28.03.2012 at 22:47.
To your question, I can answer fairly roughly, since it is necessary to make accurate calculations. By eye, I can say that you need to wait a few more years to retire, less than 2 years. Attributes you will be credited for 8 years and the pension will be very scanty – around 70-80, so it makes sense for you to wait for a social pension – for it does not matter how many years you paid for the items, it’s enough to have an official residence permit in Italy for 10 years and 65 years. In this case you will receive about 470 Euro.
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