Ponga asturia of Spain how to relocate
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Countries where they pay for the fact that you live there.
Aug. 11, 2016 12 16654.
Live in the harsh climate of Alaska, very few people want to. And every year less and less. Therefore, the US authorities have created a whole fund, from which all those who come to live in Alaska for a year are rewarded.
Since the beginning of 2016, the government of the country is conducting an experiment in which it wants to know: how the “residents” have an “unconditional” income. Therefore, all residents of the city are given $ 1,000 each month.
Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Once it was one of the industrial centers of the United States. He was called “West Paris”, “Automobile capital of the USA”. But everything is already in the distant past. For today the city is empty. Authorities are trying to lure people in, they came up with a special program – Challenge Detroit. And they even promised: they will give $ 2.5 thousand to everyone who will take part in it. That is, just move there for permanent residence.
Niagara Falls, New York, USA.
Again America. It offers $ 7 thousand to each person with higher education who will live and work in the enterprises nearby with one of the most beautiful sights of the USA.
The province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Graduates of higher education institutions who graduated not earlier than 2010 can receive $ 20,000 if they come to live in the province of Saskatchewan. Condition: to live there need 7 years.
Pong, Asturias, Spain.
Five minutes to the village forgotten by God and people. It is located in the protected territories of the northeast of Spain. And this is one of the oldest villages in the country. The authorities do not want to let Pong go to the next world. Therefore, they promised:
3 thousand euros for each married couple who will move there to live; + 3 thousand euros for each child born there.
Curtis, Nebraska, United States.
All residents who have ideas for improving the infrastructure of this small town, the authorities issue land for the construction of their own house.