Pmzh on the Caribs
* gives an opportunity to be unlimitedly in the territory of the Dominican Republic;
* the necessary stage for obtaining citizenship;
* gives the opportunity to acquire firearms.
* Permanent residence is issued for an unlimited period (every 2 years it is necessary to prolong it).
* The national certificate is issued for six years.
* In 2 years after receiving a permanent residence, the right to receive Dominican citizenship appears.
* Temporary residence of the Dominican Republic;
* National identification document (Sedula) of the Dominican Republic.
To obtain permanent residence you need:
Almost the same as when obtaining a residence permit, but a little easier and cheaper.
Procedure: the client needs to come to the Dominican Republic, personally come to the medical commission,
for this, only one day is needed + one day is needed at the end of the receipt procedure, to obtain ready-made documents.
Term of performance: up to 5 months.
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Tell me, please, after what time you can apply for permanent residence after obtaining residence permit (unfortunately, I did not find this information in the section of residence permit). Thank you in advance!
Permanent residence can be obtained after a year of residence with residence permit, but you can submit documents earlier, but it is better to consult a lawyer.
I’m sorry, maybe I wrote it wrong, maybe I’m asking the wrong question about it.
The question is this:
If you get citizenship, permanent residence or a VZH, can you go to the US for permanent residence, why get there US citizenship?
Explain specifically what you need to get in order to leave then without problems in the US and how it all goes, just like for other countries (not English-speaking) or is it somehow simpler?
I searched the entire Internet, something is not enough information, and what is, does not give an exhaustive answer, if possible, drop the link.
Hello, I would like to learn more from you if a citizen can be allowed to become a citizen of the Dominican Republic without problems. Thanks in advance.