PMZ in germany of the test case
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Moja podruga priexala suda k Drugu-nemzu * i sdawala w Wolgograde test, sdala s perwogo rasa, esli proletischj, to wtoroj-doplaziwatj 200 euro.
Try to read here, maybe you can answer your questions.
So relax and come (fr) (Y)
Germany is happy for everyone! (fr)
but there is a definite group of people who do not need this test. I now do not remember! climb in nete!
I am married to a German citizen and recently received German citizenship. Can my 17-year-old daughter from my first marriage come to my house? She does not speak German at all.
A. Yes, she has the right to reunion with you before coming of age. Reunification with a German parent differs from reuniting with a foreign parent in the following:
1) the German parent does not require the presence of “sufficient” income.
2) the consent of the second parent to the entry of the child is sufficient (the deprivation of the second parent of custody or the existence of a situation of “special severity” is not required);
3) even if a child over 16 years of age does not require knowledge of the German language.
I called the Law Office and give you the phone number and address:
Phone: 069/30853136.
I myself once consulted this office. They certainly paid.
I watched somehow in the transmission on the channel & quot; Russian Berlin & quot; interesting meetings. Among them was a meeting with Gorev! He specializes in the right of two countries: Germany and Russia.
He must come to Germany and find a job, and apparently then invite his wife to & quot; Family reunion & quot; . Ask the lawyer how.
I think that the son will invite his wife only if there is a permanent income in Germany, the presence of an apartment, the availability of honey. insurance.
Who needs money recipients in Germany’s pocket?
He is young and quickly organizes everything!
My daughter, at the age of your son, went to America, worked and studied there in college (in the third language, except Russian and German).
Assertion with the apostille, and, more precisely, the apostille form was first introduced by the Hague Convention, which abolishes the requirement of consular approval and introduces the simplified certification procedure – the apostille stamp. The Convention was adopted on October 5, 1961 (on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Hague Convention has been in force since May 31, 1992). According to this document, an apostille can be placed on various documents emanating from official institutions and organizations of the Russian Federation, as member countries of the Hague Convention. Thus, if you put an apostille on a document, it will be recognized as official institutions of all states that have signed the convention. The list of such countries is constantly increasing, which makes it possible to put an apostille on an increasing number of documents intended for submission abroad. ”
What is your status?
(for Russian citizens (residing abroad)) marrying a Russian citizen?
for foreign citizens.
Go to another germany-ru *
It is necessary to collect as much information as possible, so as not to be unfounded, but to rely on the “letter of the Law”
now this is a confirmation of the knowledge of A1, you need it from Goethe? or can you just take courses and already at the embassy testing at the time when submitting documents?