PMZ in germanium afenthal
First, I will tell my opinion about Russian medicine so that it is clear what I’m comparing to. Personally, I came across mostly bad and rather bad specialists in Russia. From the elementary ignorance of his profession to the criminal negligence that led to his death. I did away with free doctors a very long time, the good at work was medical insurance. Suffice it to say that the last doctor I summoned to the house from the polyclinic was a drunken paramedic, who was carrying a fume, and when I came to the consultation, just take a sick man and sit with an allergy at home, as during pregnancy you can not drink antihistamines, then I was given a referral to the hospital for preservation with the recommendation & quot; And do not forget to say that you want to save the baby. ” On this I threw the direction to the nearest urn and went to conclude a contract for conducting pregnancy in my paid out-patient department.
Of course, a few times I got good paid specialists. And I believe that somewhere in the vastness of our Motherland there are people who save lives and health. But their concentration has become so low that “we can not meet in any way”.
In my opinion, the majority of health workers should be middle-class people. Maybe not brilliant aces, but they know their business well. There is no such layer in Russia. We have the principle of heal yourself and put the diagnosis yourself.
I will now go to Germany.
In our experience, there are many specialists in Germany. To become a doctor, a German needs to finish a gymnasium with very good grades, to study at a university, work in a hospital or a second doctor in praxis. Very many doctors speak English well, with rare exceptions, especially harmful (knowledgeable, but not willing) or especially old specimens. Doctors take in praxis and less often in hospitals (there are praxis in hospitals, but more often the general reception of acute cases). The polyclinic is not understood in our understanding, but there are Arzthaus – a building where several specialists work, each in his own praxis.
Theoretical issues are discussed here (from 2001):
My personal experience of communicating with specialists is rather positive than a negative balance. However, there are all kinds of options. See the reviews on the Internet. According to my feelings, when referring to doctors based in small towns and villages, you are more likely to get to a good specialist, because otherwise he would not simply practice in a small city – the village radio works well (my mother-in-law, Once a year, unfamiliar people asked: who was born – a granddaughter or granddaughter :)).
– pediatrician, German, Mekmuhl, – 110 points out of 100. a middle-aged specialist, experienced, speaks excellent English, is very responsible and does everything for the child to the maximum.
– an oculist, a German, Heilbronn, – good equipment, good English, a long wait.
– gynecologist, the first pregnancy, the Russian, Heilbronn neighborhood – focuses on clients with operations, for others there is not enough time, therefore.
– gynecologist, second pregnancy, Heilbronn neighborhood, Russian, – excellent doctor, despite the harmful aunt who is recording and does not want to speak Russian.
– dentist, Russian, Heilbronn – five with a plus (but a few words about dentistry separately)
– speech therapist, a young German woman, Mekmuhl. For two courses she taught the child to speak in Russian first in full words, and not one syllable, then sentences.
– dermatologist, Russian, Heilbronn. Probably a good specialist, but we only deleted moles. As an unpleasant person.
– Surgeon, German, Mekmuhl. There were about the pain in the leg and two times the screening of the thigh in the newborn. A good specialist, it’s just hard to get.
– ENT, German, Mekmuhl. A good but extremely busy specialist. Ear cured.
– ENT, Russian, Heilbronn. As a solution to the problem, the chronic cold suggested cutting, without waiting for peritonitis. But perhaps there is really no other solution.
As you can see, quite easily found different doctors, including three with a level above the average. From this list, I was not satisfied with only two doctors – the first gynecologist and dermatologist, both not because of bad specialists, but simply how unpleasant people are. However, we did not solve supercomplex problems and did not understand pains of unknown origin.
Summarizing the first part, I want to say that you can find a normal doctor. There are reviews on the Internet, there are reviews of neighbors / colleagues. The main thing is to reasonably assess the level of the disease, go to the doctor on time so that there are no problems with the terms, enroll at once to two if you do not understand what is happening to you, and the waiting times for the doctor are always great. And still be a bit trickier. Doctors are also people, and they can be brought to the right thought. For example, you want to do a massage, which Krankenkassa pays once a year. If you come to the therapist and say that your back is ache a bit, but you can tolerate, but massage is unlikely to be assigned to you either. But if you complain that you can not sleep because of the pain and strength is no longer tolerate, then the result can be obtained quite different. But if your complaints are persistently ignored, and a survey is not carried out, change the praxis. We are the most vulnerable when we get to the hospital, and then how lucky you can be chosen only with planned operations, but before the hospital we have the possibilities for maneuvers and search. In the most extreme case, you can try to offer a method not for insurance, but for cash. This is not Holland, where, as our friends said, even for money it is impossible to be treated.