Permanent residency diploma
Hello, I’m working as a dental technician.
Is it possible to find work in Ecuador in the specialty?
What is needed for this?
To confirm the diploma it will be necessary to certify, it is better not in Quito but in Guyakil, mine 2 months, then work out four months in a public hospital and forward. For the accuracy of the figures I can not vouch for, Dig, I gave exhaustive information, but it was a year ago.
how to practically do it and whether it was done by anyone before me,
the question is not good, the fact is that in many countries the exam takes an association, and they immediately warn us, we do not need competitors from other countries, on this you can theoretically pass, but they will not really give it.
there is a big difference between the confirmation of diplomas for compatriots who studied in another country and for foreign doctors who came to create competition.
but do you need a lawyer?
honestly speaking details how to confirm the diploma, I did not find.
can not so searched ..
I think that Spanish will be needed already at the first stage.
really a lot of work has to be done.
Maxim, before going to Ecuador – you need to dispose of the means!
I congratulate you on graduating from the institute – but how did you get your knowledge (without practice), without a language – who might be interested in Ecuador?
Prior to diploma confirmation – (I do not remember the practice of 8 months of pre-study + practice, I do not remember the practice of rural, but 1 year minimum (in remote areas)) you are not a doctor in Ecuador, as in any other country, with the exception of Russia.
A working visa is like a cop if you have a confirmed diploma. Until then – student, I think so.
Do not go to Ecuador without money.
Nothing good will come of it.
With or without a diploma.
The doctors in their countries always live well, in the sense of good doctors in good countries.
Therefore, they always graze a meadow and are not very happy with all kinds of foreigners, from here problems with confirmations of diplomas, etc., etc. The better the country – the more problems.
Exceptions are probably bad countries, well, such as Nigeria, Upper Volta, Suriname and Papua New Guinea.
Want raelny advice.
First and foremost experience and knowledge – therefore, work and gain experience.
Second – languages, English, Spanish well and I would recommend Chinese.
Follow these two points – you can already and do not go anywhere – it will be good and at home. Well, you want to leave – it will be easier and more realistic to do.