Permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
The grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit.
Permanent residence permit is a document certifying the identity of a foreign citizen or stateless person and confirming that he has received a permit for permanent residence in Ukraine.
In our country such a document is a certificate of permanent residence.
In order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, or as yet say permanent residence in Ukraine, you must first obtain a permit for immigration.
Permission for immigration to Ukraine is granted within the immigration quota except for certain categories of people wishing to obtain permanent residence in Ukraine.
Within the annual immigration quota, immigration permits can be obtained:
necessary to the country’s cultural and scientific figures, as well as persons who invested in the economy of the state not less than 100 thousand US dollars;
Parents, the spouse of the immigrant and minor children;
brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter of a citizen of our country;
persons who were previously Ukrainian citizens;
Refugees or persons granted asylum (after 3 years of residence);
victims of trafficking (after 3 years of status).
Outside the immigration quota, immigration permits can be obtained from:
one of the spouses, if the second of the spouses with whom he is married for more than two years, is a citizen of Ukraine;
children and parents of Ukrainian citizens;
persons who have the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin (for more details, see Article 8 of the Law on Citizenship);
persons who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine, or are under the tutelage or guardianship of Ukrainian citizens;
Persons whose immigration is of public interest to Ukraine;
foreign Ukrainians, spouses of foreign Ukrainians, their children in case of their common entry and stay on the territory of Ukraine.
The most common reasons for obtaining permission to immigrate to Ukraine, are currently:
– marriage with a citizen of Ukraine for more than two years;
– The presence of Ukrainian citizenship in children or parents of an alien;
– the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin.
Foreign citizens staying on the territory of our country, a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is issued simultaneously with a permit for immigration.
Foreigners who stay outside our country must first obtain an immigration permit for entry. After that, the Ukrainian diplomatic mission or consular post on the basis of the relevant application forms an immigrant visa for a period of one year. After receiving a permanent residence certificate, updating of this visa is not required, since from the moment of obtaining permanent residence a foreign citizen gets the right to visa-free entry to Ukraine and stay on the territory of the state without restrictions in time.
In addition, a foreigner gets the right to seek employment without special permission and acquires the status of a resident of Ukraine in the understanding of Ukrainian tax legislation.
According to the procedure for issuing and issuing certificates for permanent residence, registration of such certificates is carried out by the OGMS.
How to apply for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?
1. Collect necessary documents;
3. To arrive at the OGMS together with the representative of our agency and submit the application together with the immigration permit and the necessary documents;
4. Obtain a certificate of permanent residence.
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The cost of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine depends on the specific situation and the circumstances that you have. The approximate amount of payment for services may fluctuate, but in any case its exact size, as well as the terms of rendering the service, are determined and stipulated at the conclusion of the contract. In the case of collective appeals, a discount system is provided.
On average, the cost of our turnkey services is 200-300 US dollars.
In the cost of services we include all costs for processing documents, payment of state duty and administrative services.
Attention! When registering for immigration to Ukraine, we will provide you with FREE OF CHARGE our services for registration of a certificate of permanent residence in Ukraine.
To determine the exact cost of obtaining permanent residence, contact our lawyers.
The main advantages of registration of permanent residence.
Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine grants certain advantages to foreigners and stateless persons:
a foreigner or a stateless person can freely arrive at any time to the territory of the country without a visa; the terms of stay on the territory of our country are not limited to the terms of a short stay on its territory (90 days from 180 from the date of the first entry); the absence of the need to obtain a permit for the employment of a foreign citizen (work permit) with the official employment in Ukraine; no restrictions on the compatibility of posts due to a work permit; the availability of permanent residence eliminates the need for costs for medical insurance, consular fees, mandatory for foreigners and stateless persons entering the territory of Ukraine and others; the validity of the certificate for permanent residence is not limited, in contrast to the temporary residence permit, which must be renewed every year. The certificate is subject to exchange only when it reaches 25 or 45 years of age; retaining the citizenship of his country and having permanent residency, a foreigner is a resident of Ukraine and the tax rates and tax privileges provided for Ukrainian citizens are applied to him.
Documents necessary for registration of permanent residence in Ukraine.
The list of the basic documents necessary for registration of permanent residence in Ukraine is provided by the Procedure for issuing and issuing certificates for the right of permanent residence in Ukraine, and contains:
an application for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine; the original of the alien’s passport, a copy of the pages with personal data, a visa and a mark on crossing the border (or an immigration card); certified translation into Ukrainian of the passport page with the personal data of the foreigner; Immigration permit;
Depending on the available grounds for obtaining permanent residence, the above list of documents is supplemented by other documents.
If you contact us, you will only be required to provide:
a copy of the passport; a copy of the document confirming the grounds for registration of the certificate of permanent residence;
All the other documents we will collect and issue independently within 3 working days!
Our services include the following:
legal advice on the issues of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine for a foreigner; registration and formation of a package of documents for obtaining a certificate for permanent residence in Ukraine; payment of state duties, administrative services and other official payments; protection of your interests and escort in the OGMS when submitting the necessary package of documents. If you do not have a place to register your accommodation in Ukraine, we will provide you with your address without additional payment for the period of issuance of the certificate for permanent residence in Ukraine.
Terms for issuing a certificate for permanent residence in Ukraine.
The term for registration of permanent residence (if you have permission to immigrate) is usually no more than seven working days. The deadline does not include the time spent preparing documents.
Lawyers of our agency will help you to quickly apply for permanent residence in Ukraine, prepare the necessary package of documents to receive it and ensure its registration in the OGMS in the shortest possible time.
Contact the Law Agency “Your Right”, we are always happy to help you!
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A permanent residence permit in Ukraine opens you the way to the possibility of the subsequent receipt of Ukrainian citizenship. At the same time, if your goal is citizenship, in some cases there is no need for permanent residence registration.
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Acts of legislation governing the provision of services:
The Law on Immigration;
The procedure for the production of applications for immigration permits and representations for its cancellation and implementation of decisions taken, approved by Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 1983 of December 26, 2002 (as amended);
The procedure for registration, production and issuance of a residence permit, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of March 28, 2012 � 251.