Permanent residence in the Czech Republic. How to get?
Czech Republic & mdash; safe and beautiful country with a rich history, developed economy. Her & laquo; doors & raquo; for almost everyone. How to become a full-fledged resident of the republic, and what are the benefits of obtaining permanent residence?
Nationality vs. certificate of permanent residence.
The only thing that will distinguish you from a Czech citizen is & mdash; For violation of the law can be removed from the country, it is also impossible:
serve in the local army; to be a police officer; participate in elections.
To obtain citizenship, and with it access to these privileges, you need to have permanent residence for 5 years.
The advantages of permanent residence in the Czech Republic.
you can, on an equal footing with the Czechs, settle for the desired place of work, apply to the employment office, and a permit is not required; for you, the right to social benefits, including pension, is open; If there are students under the age of 15, they can use public transport for free. And before the age of 26 they receive free medical care + various benefits; those who do not like to sit in one place can freely move around the Schengen countries; you also have the right to apply for free medical care on an equal basis with citizens.
There are three ways of obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic. The very certificate of permanent residence & mdash; this:
or a sticker in the passport; or a document with biometric data.
For children under 15 is issued for 5 years, for all others for 10 years. You must extend the document before its operation ends (up to 90 days).
The first way: next to the residence permit.
It is possible when a foreign person resides in the Czech Republic for 5 years with a residence permit (residence permit). In this case, a single absence in this country should not be longer than 6 months, and in total the period of stay outside the Czech Republic is allowed not more than 10 months.
During this period of time it will be necessary to study the Czech language to the level of A1. It means basic knowledge and is suitable for everyday communication whether on the street, in shops, public places, etc. To complete a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, you will be asked to pass the appropriate test for language proficiency.
The student will not be able to immediately obtain a permanent place of residence in the Czech Republic after graduation. Because the student’s visa type in the amount of years required for processing documents, the period is taken into account twice less.
Some foreigners have the right to pass the process of issuing a residence permit and immediately submit the necessary documents for permanent residence. In this case, you must belong to one of the categories of persons listed below:
you have a child who is a minor citizen of the republic; minor child of a citizen of the Czech Republic; you are alone, over 70 years old and your child & mdash; citizen of the Czech Republic; your parents & mdash; citizens of the Czech Republic who are over 70 years of age, while you are an adult; you are a Czech descendant; Your stay in the country is beneficial for the state.
When a marriage with a citizen of the republic is concluded, the foreigner is first granted a residence permit. And only after a lapse of two years, he has the opportunity to obtain permanent residence in the Czech Republic.
Rights and obligations. You can:
Buy and rent any type of property; to conduct business freely; use social services; ask for an intermediary job placement in the absence of study at the full-time department, work and business; freely choose a doctor; require social benefits, etc.
Obligations are also many, but they are not specific and should not cause difficulties.
Permanent residence in the Czech Republic offers the opportunity to travel to countries that are currently part of the Schengen area. Remaining still a citizen of your state, you can freely return there. And also to visit countries with which it has a treaty on visa-free travel. At the same time, your rights are on the same level as the citizens of the Czech Republic.