Permanent residence in Hungary.
Permanent residence through investment.
1. Signing of the contract with us, payment of 1000 euros.
2. Transfer of the investment 300 thousand euros and an administrative fee of 60 thousand euros to the account of the Escrow.
3. After receipt of funds on the Escrow account we write down you and the family for filing documents and biometric data to the consulate.
4. After 1 month we inform you about the decision made.
5. After 2-2.5 weeks, the Migration Office sends the cards to your convenient address.
6. In 45 days after receipt of the cards, we give you a bill confirming the possession of government bonds.
Required documents and data.
1. Notarially certified copy of the passport of the investor’s passport (the first spread with a photo and personal data is sufficient)
2. A photocopy of all pages of civil and foreign passport of the investor and family members forming with him.
3. Notarized copies of certificates of marriage and sv-in the birth of children (if they are registered with the parents)
4. Name – your mother’s maiden name and mother’s maiden name.
5. Evidence of the euro account for refunds.
Search for objects.
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MIRAG INVEST is a registered company in the territory of Hungary for the implementation of all operations with real estate and the provision of a full range of legal services. Our employees and partners are graduated lawyers, professional licensed realtors, economists, accountants and competent consultants who speak Hungarian, Russian, English and Italian.
Special offers.
Nice penthouse in the center of the city.
Studio “ALL INCLUSIVE” + garage. The yield is 8.7% per year.
A modern house in the suburbs of Budapest.
New buildings.
Cordia Park Residence I.
Profitable objects.
Office with the city center GRY 6.9%
Commercial real estate with an income of 6.9% GRY.
Shop next to the Opera Theater GRY 6.3%
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