Permanent residence in Greece.
We are sure that 5 years of life on one of the Ionian Islands, with the official residence permit of Greece, will fly by in an instant. So sooner or later it is necessary to get acquainted in detail with all the details of obtaining a permanent residence permit here. This status will not only remove any restrictions on the time of stay in the country, but actually equalize your rights and opportunities with the indigenous Greeks. The only exception will be the right to participate in the political life of the country. And having successfully overcome this stage, after 5 more calm and comfortable years of life in Greece, the applicant can claim the citizenship of Greece.
All the subtleties of the process of legalization in the country, as well as the norms of the law that regulate the procedure for assigning the status of permanent residence in Greece, are brought together in Act No. 3386 of August 2005.
On what grounds can I get permanent residence in Greece?
5 years of legal residence in the country regardless of the visa category. This means that, having received a temporary residence permit as an investor, a financially independent person, a relative of a resident of the country or an owner of real estate, the applicant is obliged to renew it on time for 5 years.
Please note: in Greece, the “purchase” of a temporary residence is not actual. According to the current legislation, it is possible to obtain a Greek residence permit in exchange for investing in real estate with a total amount of at least 250,000 euros.
Applicant’s passport The applicant’s internal passport Documents confirming legal residence in the country for the last 5 years Documents that the applicant is able to provide for himself Further the set of documents presupposes collection of papers in accordance with the purpose for which the applicant receives the status of permanent residence (for example, documents from the spouse, if the reason for obtaining is marriage)
Warm climate, blue sea, friendly Greeks and the smell of Metaxes attract millions of visitors to Greece. Some of them are ready to neglect the current situation in the country and stay here, no matter what. But despite Greece’s loyal immigration policy, its legislation still requires a clear compliance with its requirements and requirements in the preparation of documents. Therefore a mistake, whether only one illiterate document, can put an end to the whole dossier.
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Nationality of Romania.
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Bulgarian citizenship.
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Immigration of the EU.
EU citizenship is an indisputable advantage not only for businessmen, but also for citizens who want to move to live and work in one of the EU countries. Make the process of issuing a second citizenship quick and with a guarantee of results. Read more.
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EU citizenship.
The official procedure for obtaining a European Union passport for citizens of Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries.
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