Pensioners in Bulgaria.
Many Russian citizens, having reached the retirement age, are thinking over the issue of moving to the region with favorable climatic conditions, a high standard of living. A country that has good living conditions is Bulgaria. On the territory of this state there are flat terrain, mountains, Black Sea coast, you can choose a place of residence, depending on your own preferences.
Attractive for Russians is that Bulgaria is a country with a warm climate, in which there is only one cold month of the year. Here you can live happily, rejoicing in the beauty of the surrounding nature, in the fresh air. The Bulgarians have simple legislation, according to which Russian pensioners in Bulgaria can get the right to long stay in the country, fulfilling simple immigration requirements.
Attitude towards the Russians among the indigenous population is loyal and friendly. There is a great similarity between the languages of our countries, which makes it possible to adapt quickly to living in the country. The majority of the population of Bulgaria is Orthodox.
The unique climate of the country, the healthy diet of its inhabitants, which includes many vegetables, fruits and a well-developed health system, have caused the average life expectancy of Bulgarian citizens to be 80 years, and the concern for preserving their health has become a characteristic feature of the representatives of the Bulgarian nation.
Bulgaria has many opportunities for preserving, maintaining the health of its people. Healing seaside, mountain air, mud therapy are important natural factors in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecology, cardiovascular system, and other diseases.
Prices for pharmaceuticals, the cost of medical services in Bulgaria is lower than in Russia. Herbal medicine is traditional in the country. Here is developed a network of herbal pharmacies, drogeria, offering herbs, herbal teas to local residents, tourists. All of the above reasons make Russian pensioners consider Bulgaria as a favorable country for life in old age.
Cost of living in Bulgaria for a pensioner.
Russian pensioners have the opportunity to transfer their pension savings to Bulgaria, receive a pension in this country, as there is an appropriate agreement between our countries. The life of pensioners in Bulgaria will be more comfortable if, apart from a pension, they have additional income.
The purchase of real estate, the transfer itself to the country will cost an average amount, which is 20 000 euros. The amount of costs depends on several parameters, among which the prestige of the district, the type of housing chosen, and the size of the apartment play an important role. The property is offered different, you can buy an economy-class apartment, buy a villa on the coast costing 100,000 euros, as well as more affordable property in Bulgaria for pensioners.
The main items of expenditure for Russian pensioners in Bulgaria are utility bills, payments for the extension of residence permits, property taxes, payment of medical insurance, medical treatment, expenses for food, everyday goods, entertainment. Communal payments are paid for by counters, their value depends on the location of the living space, the number of meters purchased.
If we consider the food basket as a whole, the cost of food in Bulgaria is about one third lower than in Russia. Here, low prices for chicken fillet – 90 rubles / 1 kg, pork fillet costs 150 rubles / 1 kg, a liter of olive oil can be bought for 50 rubles, goat cheese – 90 rubles / 1 kg, inexpensive vegetables and fruits. In rural areas, the cost of products is cheaper than in cities.
As a Russian pensioner to go live in Bulgaria.
A pensioner who moves to Bulgaria to obtain an immigrant visa “D”, provides a certain package of documents to the Bulgarian consulate:
completed visa application form; international passport; contract for the possession or hiring of an apartment (house) in Bulgaria; Open an account with the Bulgarian bank in your name, the minimum amount is & # 8212; 1000-3000 euro; an agreement on the transfer of a Russian pension to Bulgaria, to the same account at the bank; a certificate of pension for a three-month period from Russia, translated into Bulgarian, certified in a notary’s office; two color photos, the background of the photos is light; health insurance policy; certificate of criminal record.
For consideration of documents for the visa “D” there is a certain period, it is 90 days. Usually everything happens much faster, the minimum period for issuing a visa is 30 days. Within five years the residence permit is extended, at the end of this period the foreigner has the opportunity to obtain the status of permanent resident of the country.
Good afternoon! I am a recipient of a disability pension for my child. he is underage. How and who under these conditions can get a residence permit in Bulgaria?
First the child gets a residence, and then the parent!
Good afternoon! I would like to go to Bulgaria with my child. How can I get a residence permit in Bulgaria?
Bulgaria & # 8212; the best place for Russian pensioners. Buy a house in the village and you can live on two Russian pensions very easily.
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