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America is when you use ordinary mail more often than e-mail.
America is when you have a look at the person in the store and he asked how you are doing. Show more …
America is when the cashier in the store can ask you how you are doing.
America – this is when police, fire or ambulance cars go with flashing lights, then all cars, including the oncoming traffic, are pressed to the right side of the road and stop, passing them.
America is when you want a good day.
America – this is when at 5.30 am you are already at work.
America is when small children play in a store and pay with checks and cards, not leaflets from trees like us.
America is when a policeman comes into Starbucks and says hello.
America is when it’s 16 and it’s embarrassing that there is no driver’s license.
America is when people can come to the doctor’s office, go to school, and see people in their pajamas, and nobody will look with contempt.
America is where the Russians, not knowing English at all, use English words in Russian speech.
America – this is when you stopped at a traffic light, and the driver next to a standing car can say hello.
America is when you are afraid to throw a piece of paper on the street.
America is when students at school do not sculpt chewing gum under the desk.
America – this is when you do not see children with cigarettes or alcohol.
America is when a teacher during a lesson can tell how her pregnancy goes.
America is when you yield on the road you are heartily thanked.
America is when there is no queue in McDonald’s and you can pour yourself a variety of drinks in unlimited quantities.
America – this is when a huge queue at Starbucks in the morning.
America is when all natives of the former Soviet Union are called Russians.
America – this is when you are afraid to park your car on the wheelchairs so that it will not be taken away.
America is when you can buy yourself a real Armani for a little money.
America is when the cashier in your favorite cafe knows your name, and you give him a card with a smile.
America is when Russians speak English words in Russian way: “A hundred miles passed” . & quot; Appointment must be assigned & quot; . “I have classes at college.”
America – this is when the Russians on fishing sturgeon refers to the stem (sturgeon) and salmon – salmon (salmon).
America is when Russians calculate other Russians in the store to follow them to find out whether they really are Russian.
America is when you hear good wishes to people and gratitude more often than insults and mate.
America – this is when Coca-Cola is sold only in Blocks.
America is when you can wear sandals in the winter.
America is when you hear the screams of children outside the windows, and not the songs of drunken people.
America is when you can turn on the red light to the right if you do not interfere with anyone.
America is when you get a job. You need experience and you need experience to get a job.
America is when a hundred-year-old grandmother drives a cabriolet.
America is when you are not afraid of a policeman on the road, because you did not break anything.
America – this is when a policeman, stopping for a speed violation, smiling, asks where you are hurrying so much and can regret and not give a fine, but just to warn and wish for a good day.
America is when you see unfamiliar brands of cars.
America is when Protestant churches stand at every step.