Our flight to the USA. Transaero tip.
Well, sobsna, until you forget, you need to write about our flight and the first impressions on American soil. Although the impression, perhaps, I will give separately :).
Unobtrusive Russian service is difficult to forget.
Now I can say with my own experience that I will never fly Transaero again. There has never been good feedback about them, but I did not expect everything to be so bad. Start with the site: you will swell up until you find the necessary information, and that is not set out for ordinary mortals. Especially relevant about luggage in connection with the change in the rules of its transportation. Transaero for some reason allows free transportation of up to 2 pieces of luggage with a total weight of up to 25 kg, while in the United States, airlines do not accept bags weighing more than 23 kg and each piece of luggage is paid, regardless of weight. The maximum weight of one place, I repeat, up to 23 kg. And imagine, what surprise awaits inexperienced docking passengers? The fee for the preponderance of the giant! That’s why not to stop confusing passengers and not to adjust to American rules, as Aeroflot did?
Further. Eve flew without a seat and, as I read on the site, she was supposed to have a cradle for sleeping. And again, as the site said, I attended to her reservation the day before the flight. And really pricked! Not only that on the site with difficulty found the phones where to call, so it turned out that the free numbers 8-800 do not work, but on a paid city number, the waiting time was from 15 minutes to 30. But at that time I cheerfully said that if I want a quick reply without a queue, I can call a short number for 60 (!) rubles a minute and everything will be at its best. This is instead of telling how much time to wait! Well, with a grief in half, the cradle was confirmed to me. Then I decided to make sure that in my online check-in for the flight it will also be visible. Pancake! Two more times for half an hour and you can see it never went away, although I was transplanted to places near the place of attachment. And it was already evening, my head was spinning, and I decided that since I did not care at the airport to stand on the counter to check documents and get a landing (and then I registered online for fucking), then I’ll ask.
I forgot to ask about the cradle in the mess but nobody offered me anything either. On board the same story. Well, I think, probably the cradles hang after climbing. I’m waiting. Unbuckled belts. I’m interested. The stewardess went to clarify. And she returned with nothing. Lyulka, it turns out, is on board only one and has already been handed over to a Hasidic family, to which I (that’s a masochist!) Then went to see. Result: 9 hours with a 10-kilogram beginner to walk a child in his arms. Well, at least Ergo was with him and there was a lot of legroom, that I could even sit on the floor in front of the chair in which Eva sometimes rested from the handles.
But in general, what’s to be surprised? Boeing 777-200, on which we flew, is already 30 years old, and 7 out of 8 cradles were probably lost. It did not make me feel any better. The airline did not do anything: no attempt to transplant to a double seat, they say, the salon is full, although then I saw those who slept on two seats, not to mention the business class. After landing the stewardess only apologized that it happened, but I did not even have the strength to be angry.
And again: the food was tasty, but terribly packed. Each container, except hot, was in such rustling film as for flowers. Therefore, by the middle of the meal, a mountain of garbage was formed on the table, which was not pressed and folded, and from the slightest awkward movement it moved to the floor. Can you imagine why I should avoid these awkward movements ?! In general, the airline Transaero receives from me a huge failure and a ban for life!
Arrived in New York. People – darkness, and we first stand in the general line, which, if straightened, would stretch for 500 meters. Seeing the yellow envelopes and the baby strapped behind him, the airport employee immediately took us out of the crowd and put us first in line. The immigration officer spent no more time on us than on a simple tourist, photos, fingers, and took him to the special. room, where we completed the registration (the signature on the questionnaire and again the finger in a grandfather’s way). It took about 15 minutes to receive baggage, customs (in the declaration, I indicated that I’m bringing food, meaning baby food and snacks for Sonya). It’s another 5 minutes without inspection, since I did not carry meat and sausages. And that’s all.
Before the flight NY-San Francisco, another 4 hours, and meanwhile in Moscow (and the children) came a deep night, which would be better to spend on the plane. I went to look for a stand of Virgin America, in order to try to fly off the first possible flight. For $ 100 for three I succeeded. Plus 75 dollars for luggage. Departure at 16-20 instead of 19-00. Now we had to inform Stas somehow that we would arrive earlier. Roaming was not included, there is also no access to WiFi because of network congestion. Remained a pay phone. Hardly exchanging the dollar (I had to buy a donut), I used the rare way of communication.
And now, with a donut in your teeth, with two children and two bags, rush to land. And it lingers for 15 minutes. Immediately two ads were made: firstly, as compensation, waiting passengers were offered free headphones for the onboard interactive system, which cost $ 3, and secondly, they invited volunteers to accelerate the unloading of luggage.
We pass to the plane. Merry pink highlit, purple plexiglass partitions. Mr. Brenson is a famous inventor. I’m staring at the cockpit of the pilot, buttons, pads, and in the left chair of the commander of the ship a shock of blond hair – a pleasant well-groomed lady of 40 years :).
Our seats were the last row. The plane was small, but the distances between the seats were well, just microscopic. Even for not very tall passengers, the legs were restrained by the standing chair in the front by default, and to get out even from the last to the passage of the chair, it was necessary to actively help yourself with your hands. And here Sonia is sitting, I’m sitting with Eve in my arms and pray that the third passenger does not sit down. And here he is: a Hasidic young man who speaks Russian a little. Here I was naturally overcome with despair: 6 hours neither to rise, nor to leave, nor to lower Eve from hands, nor simply to move. In the next row, one place was empty. I gathered impudence and asked our Hasidic neighbor to change seats. He, thank God, agreed without any problems. Then, the truth, asked for a pen, I gave him my Parker, he left him. :).
The release of one place made the situation a little easier: Sonya and Eva somehow settled down, they had a biological clock that showed a deep night, and I spent 6 hours sitting on one half-back and struggling with sleep.
To the question of aviation service: we had an armrest (not fixed at the top) of one of the armchairs. I turned to the stewardess. She first tried to fix it with scotch – it did not help. She thought for a while and shoved crumpled paper cups on either side of the armrest. Then she changed them regularly.
A few words about what was included in the ticket price. Yes, nothing but soft drinks. But on the back of each chair was mounted a touch screen, with which you could order drinks, food, movies, games, music, the Internet for $ 6 / hour. And immediately pay with your card: in each monitor a slot for rolling cards. On the same screen at the beginning of the flight showed a cool cartoon about safety rules and rescue equipment. Much more understandable and interesting than live demonstrators here. I, for example, hesitate to stare at them, plus I even feel a little sorry for them.
What else did I take out of this flight: when you fly to a long-distance with a transfer, it’s better to fly as close to your destination as possible and do not spare money for it. Even if it is a 12-hour flight, it will pass easier on fresh forces. Well, there the remaining 1-3 hours are not so hard to endure, than 6, as happened with us.
In general, at 7 pm we landed in the windy and foggy San Francisco. The day of July 3 lasted more than 30 hours. My plans to put myself in order and put make-up before planting went to the forest, my hands were not really raised, and my eyes did not open. Staseg met us with wine, steaks and salad and happiness was not the limit :))).